MTBA National Rd #2 - Mt Buller All Mountain Cup

When I found out that MTBA had introduced the revamped National Series in the format of the All Mountain Cup, my ears pricked up and my interest spiked. Travelling to Perth for round 1 was not going to happen, just too busy and already locked in many plans not to mention chilling out from a hectic October-November.

But Mt Buller in January 2012 was very appealing, I had raced here for the past few years in the Bike Buller Festival as well as run camps here, so I knew I would love it. A Super D, A XCO event and finishing off with a point to point race with the best trail ever - Stone Fly in it.


This race was the beginning of coming back into some form after smashing myself at the Croc Trophy in late October 2011.
What a great way to see what work I have to do and how things are going.

Day 1, - Super D. Delatite River trail as fast as I can. Oh yeah, I suck at this. Too fast, not technical but flat chat fire road with water bars and pure speed.  Nana result of 12th. I went to bed sort of hating myself about my hesitation to die or how the other girls escaped death? Must work on this - not fitness related but off the brakes related.


Day 2 - Cross Country Olympic distance - 5 gruelling but fun laps of corn hill at Mt Buller. Approx 25km.  I had a fantastic start and can see that I have a massive engine for 10 seconds...and then...POOFFFF! Legs gone!...I had to settle to find the pace, and held 7th place the entire race. Loved it. Man the top girls smashed it, Jenni King winning again today as she did yesterday. We were lucky to race at 9:30am when it was coolest, but I cant say it was cool.


Day 3 - Point to Point race - 25km including Stone Fly.  Another great start but I did chill a bit earlier today as I did not want to blow so soon.  Feeling good on the climbs early on, held onto the top girls until we got to Howqua Gap, and began climbing Stone fly. Bye bye...settle into my own race and ride as fast as I could and get as many corners and technical sections as I could. Success, kept my place and totally loved the Stone Fly descent. The hardest thing about today was the Silk Lane climb back to Corn hill.  Finishing 7th overall again with my number plate being no. 7!  I dont know for sure yet, but fairly certain my GC finish was 6th overall.


After a big weekend like this I need some chill time this week, there is not much time for it though.

jess buller_xco