Mt Buller MTB Festival

What a traumatic week...and weekend...

Leading up to this weekend we were afraid that our little dog Buster, may pass away.  We knew it was coming. However we left Friday and headed up to Buller.  By Saturday morning we had the phone call from our daughter Saskia that he was not in good shape.  Norm made the decision to go home, and I stayed at Buller to race.  Long story short, Norm got home and 20 minutes later Buster passed away in his arms.  Thank you God!

On the other hand, I had a tough time focussing on the job at hand and came 2nd to Lee Schultz in the 2 races on Saturday.  I just was not sure what I was doing here and what did it matter anyway, my dog my best friend was gone, so how important was this MTB race anyway huh????PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket






PhotobucketThis time we a group of about 25 of us stayed at CSIR lodge with Peter McWaters...thanks mate.  I did have a fun time despite the loss.  Thanks to everyone for being so supportive.  In the end on day 2, unfortunately, Lee had 4 punctures and I was ready to win...It taught me a valuable lesson - dig deep and never give up, even when you dont want to be there.  











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