Mid Week MTB Madness MILEAGE Meander with Mates!

Hey Kiddies...
I have had the pleasure of another divine MID Week Ride.  This time on the MTB.
This time with 2 good friends Adam and none other than Mr.Dave Scarlett.

The lead up to the Wednesday was not a good one...weather bad, winds gale force, temperatures low enough for snow in the Alps.

Tuesday night, Adam calls, yep, we are still on rain hail or shine.  His words, "we will have an adventure!"
Cool, I can handle an adventure.

So Dave and Adam had an original ETA of 8:30am...but Adam likes to test out public toilet facilities on the way and Dave likes to get his make up spot on in case of a media frenzy, so the ETA dragged out the 9:15am witha Depature time of 10:15am.  These two were worse than a pair of old ladies!

the gang at mt sabine t junction

But all good things come to those who wait...or are willing to.  13kms later after climbing Kaangalang Rd, we hit the MT Sabine T-junction and took a left toward Benwerrin.
Fast and flowing with sections of climbing then very rewarding descents snaking along the ridgelines that have been formed above the Great Ocean Rd.  We were pretty sheltered from the weather conditions along this road and there were many trees fallen that were too big for us to move totally blocking the road.

At the 30km mark we hit Benny.  We had to stop and have a bite to eat and console Dave in his loss.  On the Go Grief counselling for him.  He had lost his last bite of a chocky power bar and was not capable of moving on...until he got his Mars Bar out and devoured the entire confection in less than 30 seconds.  This man is an eating machine...and I guess he has to be as there is not an ounce of fat on him that can be converted as a fuel source and it was cold as well.


3-4 kms onwards and heading toward Deans Marsh, we turn right into Seaview Rd, which is a graded but not good for 2wd, road.   A few more Kms along and a right hand turn into Gentle Annie.  I did ask for Annie to be gentle and she was as the track sat on top of a ridgeline and had minimal climbing or descending.  Annie tried to warn us but we could not help ourselves and turned left onto Iron Bark Tk.  A drop in down a few water bars and we were hooting along a sticky and slightly slippery track with quite a few descents.  Fun while it lasts, but always a worry when you know the ride is not yet finished.  I must make mention of Adams continued effort to reach "SAM HILL" speeds and he kept amazing himself how hard it was to ride as fast as Sam on a downhill.

We also soon remembered that we had been here once before on one of Ross's "magic" 10 Hills rides.(10 hills ...yeh right!) and realised that we were riding in the opposite direction and would be encountering the hill of all hills.  
We had ridden this as a down hill and we were all a little scared at the time that our brakes would not work when we needed them too.  Nothing technical or unrideable, just SOOOOOOOOOOOooo STEEP!  And you could not see the bottom of the descent, it sort of hid itself under each new level of steepness.  So we now had to ride up this...not yet, but it was coming.

In the knowledge of the pain to come, I let go of the brakes and started to enjoy the downhills on offer.  My glasses were dirty and the vision less than ideal, but remembered to stay relaxed and just float!
We hit the gully, creek crossing at the bottom and had about 20 seconds of preparation before the wall of uphill stood before us.  Relaxed and ready for the test, I calmly graduated to accepting that Granny was the go.  Hi Grandma...can we hang out for the next 6 mintues?
Well, the first pinch was ok sitting semi normal on the seat, then things changed.  Close your eyes, minimize this screen, block your ears...I had to give in to the saddle...he got his way with me!  Oh yeh!  First of all we just got intimate and the feeling whilst unusual gave me a helping hand to keeping the front wheel on the ground and keeping the steering good.  But then Saddle Man wanted more and we went for a bit of rear action.  OUCH!  Just on the edge of my coccyx, keeping me held in there...I think my head and weight was in line with the very front of my wheel.  But I tell you what, this was the secret to my success.  Whilst i was watching the boys suffer with unintentional monos, I kept peddling, albeit in the most akward and uncomfortable position experienced yet!  Oh yeh and the climb was around 28% gradient and about 400mt long.

From here the hills were not over, and I must say that Adam came good and became the MT Goat and Dave and I decided that we were "survivors".  I think from memory there were 3 more good tough hills to come.  Suffice to say, we survived!

At the end of the Iron Bark Tk, we turned right and then a left along No 2 track and then a right along MT Inglesby Rd into Anglesea.  This section was fun and fast with some undulations.  All tolerable and even more so with the knowledge that we would have coke and cake to indulge in when we got to Anglesea.

Adam at Bells   Dave and Jess at Torquay

Onward from Anglesea, we completed the ride with some single track through Eumeralla and beautiful views of Pt Addis whilst riding through Iron Bark.  Cruise along to Bells and a quick geezer at the surf.  Totally awesome and huge! Our one  last choccky stop and 15 mintues later we were back in Torquay.  Good old Normie was there to take us home again.  Not before we did a Macca's drive by and got a sundae and small fries each.

A totally fun day.  Thanks Adam and Dave for your wonderful company and thanks to Norm for making it physically possible!

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