Life in the fast lane

Life is fast,

days fly by...before you know it I will be 38...but not until Feb 2nd 2011!
I keep saying I will write stories, upload photos and keep up to date, but I never ever do.

A massive SORRY to myself firstly and then to Norm and Tony who have just recently updated my website.

Here we go...

DSC_0531Since the Tour of Coleraine I have been pretty busy each and every weekend with skills courses, races and life.

We had an amazing weekend with 10 girls at Forrest on a skills weekend in early May, totally exhausting but so worth it. 
Norm and I love doing these courses.

Bendigo 6hr late May was just as good as always, a massive camping group, heaps of food, a freezing night, so cold we had a big thick layer of frost.
Feeling very fiesty, loving the course, I had a good win with a very competitive Solo Female category.
After working my butt off for 12 weeks, the base block of training has made its mark.

The following week was all about some hurt, pairs with Brad Davies, hanging out with the Giant crew at Lysterfield in Rd 1 of Chase the Sun.
We won our category by almost 1 lap and both got some great speed back into our legs.
It was fun to re learn how to smash out each lap with nothing held back.  Just got delivery of some great Schwalbe tyres from Guy at Bike Box, some great new gear from Giant too.  Thank you to all.
Got to give my new Anthem Advanced SL a crack too, it ran very fast especially with the Fulcrum carbon wheels, I mean, these are really fast, I am constantly amazed and blessed to have them, thank you de grandis in Geelong! more week of holding form to prepare for the final 6hr MTB race in this block.  This time in my home town of Forrest.
This race is run by Forrest MTB & Cycling club and is a huge fundraiser for the club.  What an awesome event with 350 entrants and loads of spectators and most importantly a FAST course.
It rained a bit and some mud formed but it made it all that much more fun.
Smashing the downhills and powering up the hills I found that I was matching Katherine O'Shea.
Jac connell was looking after me and I was pretty non conversational.  She would give me food and new bottle and I would go out and do another lap.
Sorry Jac, but you did just what was required and that was perfect.  Thank you.
On a particular lap, maybe the 4th or 5th, Kath decided to put in a bit of an effort and pulled away about 50 or so meters, and I let her go.
I just kept her in sight and we tracked around like that for another 2 laps until I crashed by pedaling on an unsighted stump and flying off the bike landing fair and square on my head.  After 30 seconds of sitting there, I thought I am ok.
Quick check of the helmet, knew I had damaged it, but it was in one piece so put it back on and kept riding.
Now she is out of sight and I am not sure if I or my bike is ok to finish the race.  So I kept the pace easy until I knew I was ok to keep racing.
By now, I was nearly 5mins behind.  Ok, I can handle that, Kath is class act, at least I am 2nd and Peta Mullens is third.
On the 2nd last lap I wish I had realised that I was not going to get the extra lap I wanted to do in, I could have picked up the pace!
But I didnt, and had to content with smashing myself on the final lap to try try try. Came in at 6hrs and 2 mins, only 1min 50 second behind Katherine.
Hey Ms.O'Shea...lucky it wasn't a 24hr race then huh??

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