Jess the Slacko

So I am slack.  Its been well over a month since I updated this blog...ooops.
Often its a mixture of forgetting or being too lazy.

Have been having trouble with motivation, inspiration and dedication.
Which sums it up that I am in need of a break.
Not unlike many other endurance athletes I have been chatting to lately about the same topic.

Instead of doing the Kona 24hr this year SOLO, I joined a team of 4.
Whilst it was fun to go out on a lap and not be tired or sore, the stop start nature of being in a team was hard work, still suffering from the hangover feeling two days later.

A chance however to chat with many other athletes and their support crew.
See what it looks like from the other side of the fence for a change.
This was one race I was thankful NOT to be doing solo.
In the lead up to this years Kona we had 2 days of torrential rain and it continued to rain on and off throughout the race.
Seeing the track, the riders, the support crews from other other side almost made me re consider ever racing another 24 hr solo again!

There were so many standouts for me, seeing some brand new solo female entrants have a crack at their first 24 solo was inspirational.
But most of all, it was so pleasing to see Phil Bickerdike finally crack the 24 hr in style and come 7th SOLO male and get his magical qualification for 2010 world solo champs in Canberra.

About to head off to Tour of Bright for a spanking in B Grade women(thankfully I am not racing those A grade girls and getting smacked up every hill).  Will fill you in on progress shortly.

In the meantime, work to do...then a ride to colac, a gym session, a ride home..and more work to do.
Bye for now.