Jan 3rd - Jan 6th

Just a little update on how things are going since getting back from Bright.

Thursday 3rd Jan, just a little trundle down to Portarlington to see the Bay Crits and back again.  The wind was blowing a pretty strong Easterly so was hard going into Portarlington, but on the way home we managed to hook onto a bunch of riders from the race and cruise along at speeds of around 50kmph just cruising due the awesome tail wind.

Friday 4th Jan, Wendy, Sharon and Tiff were heading down to Lorne so I accompanied them.  A very hot day early on.  Wendy was feeling a bit shattered after doing too many Lorne rides whilst on holidays so we agreed to just go to Airey's Inlet and have a coffee before heading home again.  Still a nice 100km ride which I used to hammer up the hills.  After doing Hotham any hill that is to be had down Geelong way is fine...although I am yet to try the Mt Wallace hill that is always in the womens race held down here.

Saturday 5th Jan, HOT HOT HOT...I am sick of being hot all the time!  Norm took some people out to the You Yang's and I took myself out on the road bike to Paraparap for a Geelong Cycling Club road race.  Only 7 attended so we did an unofficial 2 lap handicap.  Came 4th, could not hold off Mark Hooper, who went off scratch...he was a freight train in full time trial flight.  Strong as an ox.  

Made sure I got a lift home on the back of his wheel!  By the time I got back to Eastern Gardens I had clocked up 95km.

Sunday 6th Jan, a cool change at the 11th hour...literally it only got cool at around 6am this morning.  Amy's ride and about 116km later, I was feeling awesome. I have had a good week riding but have not touched the MTB since Monday whilst up at Bright.

Managed in total including MTB about 430kms.  Today, Monday 7th, I am having a total rest day and doing stuff at home that needs doing!  Speak to you later.... 

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