It is May 2008 already!

I have had a very ad hoc week for the first week of May with regards to training. 

  • 5km run with next door neighbours dog, Scooby
  • 3 or 4(cant remember) 1.5 hour MTB rides
  • 1 ergo session in Geelong
  • 1 strength session with stretching
  • No massage!
  • No road ride!
  • 1 x Mixed Pair 6 hour enduro at You Yang's

It is Wednesday already of the 2nd week of May and I feel just as ad hoc as last week.  My grandfather passed away last week and seeing family and attending the funeral has upset the schedule...not that this is an issue really, as the reasons are worth it.

Monday I had a 45 min mtb ride and I was so stupid.  My skills went out the window and I rode like a stressed out beginnner.  I came home so shitty and Norm made me some jumps in the paddock out the back.  I did not want to do them...but eventually bit the bullet and had a ball.  The jumps track is slowly building into a bit of fun.  Whilst out the back with the MTB in the sheep paddock I realised an awesome way to get some interval training in.  There are 5 sheep in the paddock which is heavily grassed and on a slope.  I played the role of the sheep dog or motor bike and rounded up the sheep for about 20 minutes.  tough work and sheep move fast.  I will do this again for some fun training for sure.

Tuesday I had the funeral of my grandfather so did not get much in at all.  Got home and took Holly for a training ride and PT session in Forrest, so got a 20 min ride in on trails 4 & 5.  At least I got out on my bike I guess instead of wishing I was in bed asleep!

Wednesday, today, I have planned a strength session, a jog and a 1.5 hour mtb ride.  

Thurdsday, ergo session and road ride plus a 30 min jog.

Friday hopefully the weather is decent and I will ride to Apollo Bay and back on the road bike.

Saturday, Beginner MTB skills course at Pt Addis, just some gentle riding for a couple of hours.

Sunday, Chase the Sun with Christy for 5 hours in Pro Female Pairs.

Happy to be alive Tongue out

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