Man o Man, what a week!

First on Saturday we had our MTB skills course at Lysterfield for women.  Me, Norm, Adam and Andrew had a fun time teaching some awesome excited women more about riding their mountain bikes.  A great day with sunny weather.  What a change of scenery to our cold and cloudy Forrest surrounds!

Sunday we attended the GMBC round #3 race at You Yangs .  We met a bunch of the Race Development Squad too and a few even had their first taste of racing.  Woo hoo.
Pre race a few of us had a 15km warm up, then post race, some more joined us for a 20km stint over to Stockyards with some fun downhills...more woo hoo!  The day seemed to go forever and I actually forgot that we had to go home sometime soon.


Monday night, did my normal Cross Training class at the gym in Geelong.  A cold night, but I do love to run and do some stuff off the bike.

Tuesday morning covered Donna's bike ergo sessions and then headed to Torquay.  Drop car off to be serviced and then rode the roadie from Torkers to Pt Lonsdale then across to Port, then Drysdale, then back to Geelong, picked up  Adam from his work, rode back to Torquay.  110km on road was like Superman getting changed into his outfit...

A wonderful ride.
I left with Adam from his house straight after a 110km road ride, had picked up Adz from his work in Whittington and rode home to Torquay.  Changed bike shoes, filled camel back, helmet light on, lube chain, refuel with a bar or two and off we went at 6:45pm on the Mounties.
Rode via the surf beach, around the golf course, up Jan Juc trail, through the trail that follows the cliff tops to Bells, hoon down the hill and up the grunter to Southside.  Met with Philly and Stu-ee albeit a few minutes late as Adz and Jay-Sycka suffered in the breeze blowing off the Bass Straight high up onto the windblown Southside Car Park. 
Off we went through the normal route and onto a little sneaky one that I did not know of, up the 32 steps, around the trails in Eumeralla and back again. 
Dropped off the kiddies back at the park - and then we fanged it back to Safeway, hoping to grab a $2 hot chick.  No hot chicks in sight so settled for fish of the tinned kind.  Toasted sangas with the lot back at base, with Caramello koalas for dessert(although Adz had his for entree) and the proper entree was Sustagen, I like mine shaken...Adz likes his stirred with lumps.  does this say something about a person?
 Watched a bit of Le Tour...and finally went to sleep a tad past 12. 
A great outing was had.

Next week.  Meet at Sandy Creek Car park for Kurrajong Trails night riding.  Time?  I cant remember, was it 7:30pm?
 over and out. da house.