Hurt Fest - Day 2

The Road race over and done with at Broadford, we were now off to Bendigo for the 6 hr Enduro.  Last year I was on fire and completed 11 laps. This year I already felt fatigued before I even got on the bike, however was keen to back up for the sake of some solid 24hr training.  Ouch- a rama style.  Even our practice lap on Saturday afternoon was a little more hurty than normal and I was just not keeping up as normal...let alone pushing and leading the group.  Oh this was going to be a long day tomorrow.  More to the point, Peta Mullens who was at the road race yesterday, was going to to be pushing me harder than I was interested in.  But thats racing.  As I stated - Hurt Fest Day 2!

We had a delightful time camping and going out to dinner so I was really stoked to have such as awesome company.  We had 27 people for dinner and a camp full of people back at the race course.


Off to bed that night I had a shocking sleep. Tossed and turned and basically not well rested. Woke up and went through my normal drill, keen to just get started and see if I could, would maybe fire up. 
The race started and I hurt in the first 30 seconds. Oh, this was going to be a long day. People were chatting to me and saying stuff like, youre not your normal happy self...yep, I was cranky too. Not in the mood for niceities made for an even longer day. Peta Mullens was on fire and I was smouldering. 

This was without a doubt one of my toughest races since Kona 24 hr last year in December.  A great learning curve, well done to Peta and well done to the rest of the RDS crew.  thanks Norm for pushing me along and allowing me to secure 2nd place.

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