Hi, my name is Jessica & I am a shy introvert

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I am a shy introvert, which is why I dont mind blogging but hate talking in front of large crowds.

I am a coach, a teacher, a mentor and get to meet new people nearly every weekend...and “IT FREAKS ME OUT!”

Yet, every time this happens I seem to keep meeting amazing people who help me see that I am freaking out about nothing.

This weekend gone we had a whole bunch of mountain bike “instructor trainees” at our AMBIA course in Forrest. Whilst my job is not on the teaching front, I stand in the kitchen and cater my butt off and generally play hostess.

Its just simple yet we as selfish beings forget that interaction with fellow human beings is just one of the most amazing things we can do in our day.

It nourishes our souls – both ways!


For this, I am excited to arrive in Italy, meet a whole new bunch of amazing people from places I have never been, learn and listen to a new language a new way of life.

I am just going to hand it over, see what the world has to give and not hold onto my own stubborn ways too much.
I know I am guilty of being unwilling to try new things at times – its easy to be stuck in your ways when you just stay at home, interact with the same groups of people and live a certain lifestyle.

I am so grateful that my sport & my work forces me to let go of my routine and see the world from another point of view. The weekend gone was no exception, it really is amazing how much fun this introverted shy girl can have just by putting myself in uncomfortable group situations!


Now onto some real life training updates.

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Over the weekend whilst our course was on, I got some awesome kms in with Matt West, yes he was not used to riding for 30 mins, or even 1hr, but eventually he succumbed to 2-3hr blocks.

Including a night ride as well.

I actually had Monday off the bike and yesterday whipped up some Red Carpet repeats and a Spew crew session.

Time is tight, weather is turning cold, work is busy but still I am getting great quality rides in with a massive boost to my confidence too. I have been really working on my riding technically as well, knowing that this is a 1%'er that will give me the edge on my competition.

Sleep has been solid, short naps in the day, super good nutrition, epsom salt baths & massages too.

Normie has been working hard on my bikes, priming them up for Italy.

He is off to tekin suspension to see Ken Ballhouse today to spruce up my Fox Forks. We have some new lights coming from Jet Black products any day now.

Its raining and quite windy today, so my ride is going to be tough to get started.

Have to knock off another core session too.

Right now as I type this my big 2012 Year Planner is onthe wall in front of me, with 17 days to go written down on todays square.

Forrest 6hr solo this weekend for me. The idea is to focus on my process, the things needed to win a 24hr and stay in the game the whole time. Its about my mind, harnessing each thought into action that is positive and productive.

Speaking of productive...I have been up since 6pm, getting my “to do list” ticked, getting admin tasks done, answering emails, paying bills so I can train this afternoon and make it count.

Yes, my blogs will return to their regularity, now that my crazy fun weekend is over and I have some exciting things to write about – awesome memories on both accounts.

The next 2 are about some auto biographical events – of course!

  1. Me and the bike – 4 y.o Jess – 39 year old Jess...I bet my recollection of riding my bike is not unique.
  2. The real happenings in a 24hr race, the mind, the bike, the body, the whole race and how it feels to live it, breath it, race it and win it.

Off for lunch, then training & then sleeping.

Remember that whatever you think you are not good at, or avoiding is probably your greatest hidden talent or asset, you just havent nurtured it yet.

Dont be afraid of it if all you are fearing is finding success!