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A picture tells a thousand words...what more do I need to say.

An awesome weekend was had.  Here is my email I sent out to read:

Gravity 12 hour wrap up:  

  • Claire Stevens won the Solo Female Category - in fine form too might I add.
  • Jess and Jac won the Female Pairs
  • Sara and Katie came 2nd in Female Pairs
  • Kirstin and Emma came 3rd in Female Pairs
  • Christy and Darren came 2nd in Mixed Pairs
  • Fran, Tory, Mick and Lyn came just outside top 10 for their first race effort in the hotly contested Mixed Fours.
  • ...also Norm attempted..."repeat, ATTEMPTED" a hot lap on my hard tail.  he managed a 37 minute lap, not bad for a bloke that does not train and went out cold and came back vomiting!

Norm did an awesome job(and loved it too) of supporting Claire to her win.  Gave her loads of secret stuff...lucky it was not a UCI event with drug testing eh Claire!?
Thanks Norm for giving up that spare time in between laps to sort the rest of us out too.  Lubing chains, fixing squeaks, checking tyre pressure, lights assembly etc...
Thanks David for the mega jelly beans and your support and assistance too. 

Just to give you on overview of the weekend for those who did not attend:

Friday Norm and I arrive at 1pm. Drizzle starts. 
Set up camp. 
By 2:30pm it was raining and we were catching buckets of water off the tarp.
6pm, the rest of gang start to arrive and set up tents in the rain. 
No practice lap needed, rain is bad, wind picks up
Arrivals occur until 9pm by memory and Christy and Darren managed to scab a bed from a friend of friend in Beechworth - SOFT! 
Mick and Fran turned up Saturday morning, turned out to be a good plan for them too.
Saturday greeted us with no rain, a light wind, and not too cold, just right, no sun...perfect racing conditions.
The track was like a speed way by the end. 
The rain had settled the dust and become fast and firm.
I don't know about the rest of you but 9am came about damned quick and 9pm came around even quicker. 
Riding pairs was hard as my leg speed is slow right now, but managed very consistent lap times and low Max HR's. 
Good sign for a 24 hour win at Kona, but not a State XC race!  Anyway...the weekend was superb, the company wonderful and the race was awesome as always.

Well done to all the RDS crew who raced (or supported)...we nailed the podium...AGAIN!

Thank you Jac for agreeing to pair up with me.

Thank you Jac's Dad, Peter for looking after us so well.

Thank you Norm for being so multi talented and giving of your time to everyone...and more!

Thank you all of you who raced or did not race...but just were there having fun.

Thanks TCF for use of marquee, top Giant X0 Anthem bike , and all the gear to make it easy to race.

Thanks Jet Black for the great support you give me - Nite Rider lights werent needed much, but still paved the way for an easy night lap.

Thanks Gen at Torq for continuing to be excited about our business and support me and Norm as you do.  We love your product too.  

What a great weekend. 

...I can't possibily forget to add on Norm's little story will have you laughing!

As a small addition... just wanted to say thanks again to my comrade in arms David Lacey... he is quickly becoming "Da Man" when it comes to helping me support others.

Also... Katie, Sarah, Claire, Tory, Fran, Emma and Jac... you girls just ROCK MY SOCKS!  Your progression is amazing, and you are testament that with some effort, women can SMASH out fast laps.

And Finally...

In defence of my no so HOT lap... here's what happened...

Hopped on the "Go Fast Stick" that is Jess' 8.5kg Scott/TCF Scale.  Got off to a cracking start, down the downy bit, then got up out of the saddle and started MASHING on those pedals, and that's when it occurred to me, that in order to go fast up hill, one must TRAIN uphill....  OH DEAR!  The pain!  Naturally with heaps of weekend PUNTERS ahead of me, and with a TCF jersey on, I couldn't very well slow down? 

So up I went, got to the top of the climb, and had my first little SPIT!  Phew, some downhill finally... mind you I was too busy wiping the yukky stuff from my chin to enjoy it, and that bloody hardtail bounces me all over the shop. At one point I think I was doing something like 70Kph and I see some poor soul up ahead... TRACK! I yells... and proceed to practically jump over them.

The off camber "side of the hill" fun stuff was where it all ended for me... I completely DESTROYED that section, I still think there are scorch marks up there now, thank goodness it wasn't bush fire season.

Then cam more uphill... and MORE BLOODY PUNTERS... so I couldn't be seen to be going too slow...  Including some of our crew, who were all expecting to see me come RIPPING past them.  So with my quads now resembling not quite set jelly, and my heart about to EXPLODE from my chest, I try my best to rip past Kirsten, who was doing an awesome job up the switch backs on a SINGLE-SPEED...

On to heartbreak hill, and punters everywhere... Norm doing his best to look fast, at the same time trying his best not to cover them all in SPEW.

The rest of the lap is a bit of a haze... a mixture of trying to hang on down the fast sections, and then only vomitting when nobody could see me, up the UP sections...

I get back to the camp, look at the stop watch, and all I see was 37:20... BLOODY HELL...

Who's STUPID idea was that anyway...


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