Going back to Alice Springs - I can't wait!

230726 10150188324921003 4917144 nIts been a few years since I last visited Alice Springs, actually it was May 2011.I had signed up to do the Ingkerreke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro.
After winning a lovely lump sum of $5K at the World Solo 24hr Championships in Canberra of October 2010 I paid my entry and booked my flights to Alice Springs after buying a new fridge of course.

The race proved to be everything and more I had dreamt of.
Firstlty I got picked up with other riders at the airport. Nothing to organise, just get bused to our acccommodation. I had arrived with my friend Claire and we were sharing a room at Chifley Alice Springs Resort.
My memory is vague but I think we arrived Saturday so we could assemble our bikes, settle in and go for a couple of rides before race day being the Monday.

225996 10150185818721003 5286849 nAlice Springs is small enough that you are situated close riding distance to many things you need access to.
Accommodation is close to the town, close to shops, supermarkets and trails!
I had so much fun exploring on the first day and a half I almost did not want to race.

Each race day was an easy ride to the start and short enough in time that the afternoon was spent loitering around the pool socialsing, recovey leg dips and bike maintenance and a nana nap too!

The racing itself presented a magic opportunity to see the amazing central Australian landscape that varied from extreme rocky terrain, to sand filled 4wd trails, to a fun and winding bike path that went forever, through to climbing over a ridge that overlooked the region. Its safe to say I was so happy to be following arrows as I had lost my sense of direction with the huge amount of trailnetwork out there.

My first thought when I finished the event, and won it too, was that Norm would love this area, he would love the trails, he would even love racing it because of the format and the ability to rest and socialise in between and finally he would love the weather in May, not hot at all, just gorgeous sun filled days.

Since then the requests made to return to Norm have been dismissed due to being too busy, or what for?

227016 10150188962291003 6203533 nBut then only last year, when we went to do MTBSkills courses up in Darwin, did we get an offer to return to the region for a Womens Specific MTBSkills weekend.
Its been on the cards for a while but we are heading up there on the first weekend of April for 5 days of fun and riding and teaching and absorbing ourselves in the warmth of Alice Springs.

It didn't end there, as now we find we have actually committed to going to the Ingkerreke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro on May 19th – 23rd.
I am totally stoked that my best mate, riding buddy and husband is coming to race and enjoy the trails, the vibe and the great event that Rapid Ascent run so well.
Probably one of the most amazing things that comes from doing a cool stage event like this...you get the chance to make real connections with people, make long lasting friendships that go beyond race week.

He doesnt know it yet, but he will just love it, and I have got him training every day for it here in Forrest. He is getting faster uphill and has picked up his fitness pretty damn quickly.
Men! He will be 44 this year, and me just turned 41 in February. Its so good to see him with a focus on getting fit for an event and its great to have a training buddy too.

So Alice Springs – here we come.
April 3rd - 7th and then back again on May 15th for the Ingkerreke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro.

On a final note, if you have the time, if you have been thinking of doing this event then just do it, we will be there and also hoping to run some Pre-race skills and famil on the Sat and Sunday in the lead up.

Womens Skills at Alice Springs : http://www.mtbskills.com.au/mountain-bike-skills-courses/nt
Check it the deets for the race on: http://www.rapidascent.com.au/icme/default.aspx