Fun times and more to come in 2011


Chrissy_RideLast update was 4 weeks ago!


Because I have been so busy living life to the fullest.

Yep, I have procrastinated getting back into training for something, but it has left me with time and endless opportunities to ride, run, hang out with friends and start the process of learning how to paddle and become a better swimmer.

2011 is just around the corner and it wont be long before I need to get a little more serious.

So what have I been doing?

Social rides, Anaconda Adventure race at Lorne in a team, Giant Women's social ride, Thursday night Brew Crew in Forrest, Crazy adventure days with the girls, running, swimming, paddling, Road crits and a massive couple of days of trail running & MTB'ing at Halls Gap.

Right now we are in the car off to Tathra for a week of mountain biking & hanging out at the beach.

I cant think of a time when I have had as much fun as now.  It does help having a certain fitness base coupled with the "never give up" mind set you get when doing 24hr racing.

As the year nears the end I ask myself what am I grateful for? Why do I deserve all these blessings? ...and of course, what is next on the horizon.

Its also a fine line between desire and passion to succeed and having the right people around you to help in fueling that for you.

I have had that and more this year...and its ever growing.

2011 brings with it a lot of opportunities as well as responsibilities.

The challenge will be to keep it fun and stay just the way I am - the honest, friendly & approachable Jess Douglas.

Excitement awaits with a crazy busy calendar for my business -  This is the biggest challenge, to mix in business with racing.

Some crazy events are on my calender too!

February - Otway Odyssey

March - Bike Buller & Terra Australis in a pair with Brad Davies

April - Aussie 24hr solo champs

May - Red Centre Enduro/stage race

June - Geoquest 48hr AR with my team: Jase English/Andy Fellows & Matt Koerber

Not sure whats going on for July, Aug, Sept & October but in November our AR team is doing the XPD World Championships in Tasmania.  This will take aroun 5-6days and approx 7-800kms of action!

Come January the plan is to get back on board and tick off my goals.  Its going to be very very FUN.



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