Forrest New year Frenzy

Forrest New Year Frenzy


Back on board, home again on New years day…so much to do and so many people to see, so much riding to be done, and of course there was all that work I had neglected over the Christmas break.


Work on Sunday with a 1 on 1 client, riding Red Carpet 3 times! 40km later I had a workout too! Thanks David.


Skills session Sunday arvo with Norm & Claire, jumping this fun piece of dirt part way down Red Carpet. I actually felt totally in control and could look around at me, wow Jess, you are off the ground for a while here, take a look huh? It was like an outer body experience.


Dinner at the Guest House, made all the more fun with friends.


Monday 3rd Jan. Forrest MTB club Red Carpet Time Trials. With 40 people in attendance it was a killer day. Shuttles, time trials, max Hr’s and loads of people from Melbourne all the way to Warrnambool.

I managed to crack a 3rd place for A grade and one of the most consistent times.

Once again – dinner with friends. Fun times after the race at the Forrest Brewery.


Tuesday 4th January. More friends, more rides. Ben May, Kent Warby, John Taylor and self rode to Apollo Bay and back. Poor Warbs had a wheel issue and thankfully Norm drove down to rescue him with a spare one of mine. Phew…it scored Norm a free meal at the guesthouse that night and an excuse to grab some groceries at Apollo Bay. Was good to be back on the road bike doing some hills. Love the ride up Skene’s ck.

Headed back home for some “me time” which means some work.

Then at 3:30p in the arvo, we headed out for a single track ride at Yaugher, doing a nice 30km to earn our dinner.

Of course we were to redeem the free meal (which ended up being a free meal x 2 thanks Warbs and Tanya!) at the Guesthouse that night. Fun times with all, thanks muchly.


Wednesday 5th January. So we start to tire and decided on a less hillier ride.

Up to Turtons tk, 10km in and turn around. A round 55km on the roadie in the am.

Pm session and another 30km to get Rishi up to speed with the 50km OO route.

Even Crystal made the trip to have a good time in Forrest.


Thursday 6th January. Saved myself all day for the Brew Crew ride. Today we decided to keep it fun, ride the good stuff, like Marriners and Foxtail and smile the whole way. Oh I think we did 3 repeats of the “inner sanctum” of Marriners. Much fun indeed. Brew crew finished off with local brews and hot chips! Mmm mmmm.


Friday 7th January. A welcome and needed – day off the bike.


Saturday 8th January. The Killer to kill all soft riders! The Forrest – Lorne – Forrest MTB ride. Finished off with nearly 85km, lunch at Lorne and a dip in the Quarry, this was an EPIC ride with great company.

You want a bit of motor bike track, a bit of climbing…or maybe a bit more, some fast double track descending and massive granny climbs back out of Lorne…well…this is the ride for you.

I think a few found a new level of endurance and rewarded themselves with a dip in the waterhole and a few ales at the local waterhole, Forrest Brewery post ride.



Sunday 9th January. Now very happy I had Friday off and very happy for a 9am start.

Another 10 showed up, with a few new faces. A few mechanical issues early on – but a great single track ride with not a snake in sight, just a big fat koala.

Snacks and milkshakes at the Forrest Country Guesthouse post ride.


So I finished off the week with 400km and this was just getting back into it.

Thank you to those who made my week easier to train!

Hope you had fun.