Forrest MTB Jnr Team camp and Jnr trip to Adelaide.

forrest_boys.jpgForrest MTb & Cycling club is very lucky to have attracted so many enthusiastic juniors to its club.

so much so, that we decided it best to send them to the National Championships in Adelaide over the 14th 15th & 16th of January.

The hard work had started a while ago now, and thankfully all the boys have supportive parents who like to ride with them and are keen to see them have fun on their bikes albeit a bit costly at times.

Friendly competition had evolved with snippets being divulged of "secret training " ventures.

The boys who went to Adelaide:

  1. Thomas Power u19
  2. Calum Middleton u19
  3. Hamish Middleton u17
  4. Ben Scott u17
  5. Simon Harrington u15


1 & 1/2 weeks out the final training camp was held here in Forrest with some toughen up sessions that worked the mind and body and also incorporated team work.



Mini Enduros, Individual Time Trials, XC race simulations, mechanical workshops, eating and sleeping, swimming and playing "find some mobile coverage - enough to send or receive an sms".  boys you were great to have for the 3 days, must do it again for the next big race during the year.forrest_boys_group_pic.jpg






After as much preparation as possible, we set off to Adelaide on Wednesday 13th January, a 7-8hr road trip with crazy teenage boys.  Film footage yet to be put together, but when it is I will post a link here for you to see.

forrest_team.jpg Thursday - practice at the course and a team relay.  Forrest MTB & Cycling club was one of 6 teams to enter and we came 5th.  Our goal was NOT to come last.

Friday saw U 15's and U 17's as well as Masters Men race in the morning.  Simmo had 2 laps and the rest had 3 laps to manage.  

Great effort by all boys. 
simmo_podium.jpgSimon Harrington came 2nd in U15's and got himself a silver medal for his efforts!

hamie_hamster.jpgUnfortunately Hamish had a crash and a flat and had to DNF on the day, he was doing so well too, would easily have finished top 10.


ben_scott.jpgBen Scott, great race mate, after only being in the sport for such a short time, your enthusiasm was inspiring and your finishing result even better.  Coming 16th at the Nationals - awesome!

neil.jpg Neil Harrington, whilst not one of our Jnrs, was in Super masters men, came in 12th, only 13 minutes behind the leader after 3 laps.


Saturday was competition day for U19's and elite women.
Thankfully my race was at 8:30am, but with only 4 laps I knew I would have to work hard, and with my race start very under par, it took ages, until my last lap really until I could ride at a pace that was suitable.  I came 11th overall and 8th elite women.
cal.jpgCalum and Tom were up in the afternoon after the Elite mens race.  Sitting around all day before their start was a tough ask. After a solid warm up the boys took the line.  Calum had a sensational start coming from 30th on the grid to 14th up the first hill. 

Tom, the endurance king, took a more conservative approach and we knew he was more interested in finding a tempo he could maintain and then work at passing the people in front of him.

Unfortunately for Cal, he punctured twice and needed outside assistance rendering him a DNF.  next time, Shepparton here we come.  A top 10 finish was easily within his reach.
Meanwhile Tom kept going at a great pace, smiling the whole time and managed to finish 21st in a very fast and very hot u19's mens field.

simmo_and_fam.jpgSo whilst all this has been happening, Simmo has been off practicing his 4X all day Thursday and Friday morning.

Within 24hrs Simmo's confidence has skyrocketed and its time to get seeded. 

simmo_and_cb.jpgSimmo had a great run and the final is on later this day. After all the training and all the practicing of lines to take, he came 3rd and got a bronze medal!  wow, 2 medals at the Aussie champs.  Well done Simon Harrington.

Homeward bound on Sunday, a long road trip, tired boys, tired parents, tired coaches.  An awesome trip...lets do it again soon!

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