Forrest MTB club  H/cap podium finish at Forrest  girl power 

the exhausted finishers    Forrest MTB has started to make moves on the local trails.  Strong contingent of young men in the first race, no girls to be seen.  However, race 2 at Barwon Dam saw Fiona and daughters, Stef and Rach, Jeanine and Amber, Katherine and of course my petal, Saskia. That's 7 chicks!  woo hoo GIRL POWER. 


10 gents as well with even Matt the Master Smoothie Peddler entering and not doing too bad if we can mention that!  4th to be precise, however the Masters Category is seeing Norm continue to give Jake and the young men a healthy scare.

Matt the Master Peddler

Jake is proving to be a force, coming in with the fastest overall time 2 weeks running.jake the sprinter

Week 1 saw him come in 1 second faster than Norm. Week 2 he nailed it, coming in 35 seconds quicker than Normie Boy.  Oscar rode his XC bike this week and now needs a new handicap, a bit of tightening up needed as he came in first overall, followed by Cody and Jos.  

Rainer is doing an awesome job, even if he is suspectable to flats pre race and mid race, he still turns up with a smile and is doing great with the posters for the events.

We are having a meeting on Wednesday 23rd April to discuss finances, where to from here Forrest Hall.  Race 3 is Saturday 19th April, meet at Yaugher Trail Head Car Park, get there at 3pm as we would like to start around 3:30...lack of daylight these days. 

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