Forrest - Apollo Bay fun training ride and more

logging through the otways  all downhill fromhere  drive back from apollo bay

Saturday 19th April, had a great day.  Drove into Geelong to take a running group, had coffee with a friend, and came home for a little nana nap.  Upon waking from the nap, I remembered that Norm was umpiring football at Apollo Bay and he would be done by 4:30pm.  

Light bulb moment, ride to Apollo bay and get Normie to drive me home.  40kms of hills to climb with of course 10kms of pure descending.  See above picture and my smile to prove to elation! 
I also noticed the bare hill sides left from logging, they were actually working this site as I rode by.

It took my 1 hour 15 mins to get to Apollo Bay.  A beautiful day, great ride and of course an ice cream afterward!  The next day I was to ride the BMC Classic 50km event!  What a great warm up to preceed this.  

Feeling a lot happier when I get to do nice road rides like this one, the views are spectacular.


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