February 2011

We are just on 2 months into 2011 already!

The weather just keeps playing havoc on the world, especially in Australia with all sorts of rain going on.
Thankfully in Forrest we managed to avoid most of the rain...up until of course the night of the Otway Odyssey...of course!!!

Norm and I managed to secure the best weather yet up at Mt Buller on the 11th 12th & 13th February and had a great WOMENS MTBSkills camp.

buller_no2_camp_waterfallWith my particular group, we took our time on Sunday learning some new things and consolidating what we already had learnt on day 1.

The plan to ride Stone Fly trail.

The girls loved it, but when we got back down the bottom to the Howqua Gap hut, they were devastated that the downhill went so quick.  I suggested why not lets ride up again?

Its a bit of a climb to get 10 mins of downhill, but if we had of had the time, we would have done it in a flash.


Its always great going on these camps, but totally exhausting all the same...so get to home and start preparing for Otway Odyssey...well thats a feat in itself.

We had car issues, and loads of extra things to get done, I cant say I looked after myself very well that week.

Otway Odyssey came with rain and mud, and whilst I had a great start to the race, it started to dissappear before my eyes as I bonked big time in the middle 50km.

Maybe next year...I think that s what I tell myself every year!!!!

So I finished with a 5th place and my bike performed like a dream, with all new XTR gear on it too and new Shimano MTB shoes.  Thanks Shimano at least one part of me was working well.

Now comes the week after, preparing to go to Bright for 5 days to be a support rider for Bright BootCamp.

My bottom Bracket needs replacing...ooops, left that a bit late!  Thankfully Al at Giant promised to send one to Cycle Path in Bright and they are going to fit it for me on Friday.  Phew...still...no time to rest.

I am really looking forward to riding for 5 days in the hills, and the weather is looking the goods too.

I will keep you posted with pics to come.