Face your Fears and suffer a little more....

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Adversity and me, “we go together like peas and carrots.”


From a young age I learnt how to turn bad times into good times.

It could be the mix of being the first born,

...or being brought up with not much money to spare,

...or my parents breaking up when I was five,

...or moving to a school which took me all of 5 years to fit into,

...or being a chubby and teased child,

...or being diagnosed with cancer at age 14...


I really don't know why I have never ever seen myself as a victim or a “poor soul” or felt there was no hope, for whatever reason I have come to look forward to being tested, having a bad patch or just plain suffering a little.

For what comes on the other side is a brand new beginning each time, a better way of seeing life, a realisation that nothing can break you.


Perhaps this is why I have the fire in the belly to get back to 24 solo?

Oh dont I know how much it hurts! It hurts like a bitch and the planning and logistics and support you need to make a race successful is also a pain in the backside.

Racing a 24 solo is not easy in any shape or form, its a test of every part of your being.

There are plenty of us endurance athletes about that enjoy our “solo” time, in fact revel in it.

If you were to really pull apart what it is that keeps an endurance athlete coming back for more you would find that they enjoy their own company, they delight in finding a new threshold of pain and suffering, they like to push the boundaries to see what is possible in life.
You would also find that they are not fearless, in fact they use these ventures to face their fears, they are born to face adversity, they search for it.

Whilst the other half of the world would like to be sitting on the couch watching T.V after a nice meal and getting ready for bed, the endurance athlete is planning their next venture or right in the thick of it.


I will give you such a small example right now of what is happening in my household.
We have had hot water service issues for 6 weeks now, and again our hot water service is broken.
Norm just turned it off this morning to save hot water spurting out of a hole in the tank.
I am about to do a 5hr training ride, but I wont have a hot shower to come home to.
I am excited at the fact that I will have to boil about 6 kettles, fill a bucket, add some cold water, stand in the bath tub with a face washer and cup and give myself a wash like this.
Its pretty invigorating and you REALLY earn your wash.


So what's my message to you today?

Facing your fears is fun, there is always so much reward waiting for you if you decide to take the hard road more often.

Be life Forrest Gump and just keep running if you feel like it.

Go for a night ride until midnight and suffer the next day at work, sleep deprived but grinning ear to ear.

Get out of bed at 4am every now and again and see how peaceful it is – I find this a great time of day to get my work done so I can train the rest of the day.

Most of all dont let complacency fool you into thinking life is good.


Its good to suffer! Its ok to go without! Its totally normal for shit to hit the fan!

Turn your adversities into adventures and see what you can REALLY do in this life.

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