Easter Weekend

Firstly, well done Alex.  You did your best on the weekend at the 24 hr solo champs and you came 2nd.  It must have hurt a bit on those first few laps where you were matching it with Katrin.  She has been doing some serious training huh?  Well done for doing so well and maintaining such a balanced and fun life.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

My Easter long weekend was a mixture of highs and lows.  I decided not to go to the 24 hour solo champs due to being frazzled and emotionally "stuffed" from all the changes going on in my life.  This, I have found out, wears you out more than anything.  In the lead up to Easter, I was busy working taking MTB tours and skills courses.  I had a school group on the Friday and it was 40 degrees at the You Yangs.  This was just the beginning.  Then on the Saturday I had a Bucks Group at Forrest, which was awesome fun and just the right mix of people with enough pace on the bike.  Then on the Sunday I had the TRI X series Triathlon at Lysterfield.  40 degrees again!  My swim sucked and I pulled out, but then I was allowed to ride and run after I waited for the last swimmer.  I had to work my way through a lot of riders on the track.  The event was a lot of fun.  Got home and fell in a heap after 3 hours of travel there and 3 hours back.  Ouch!  Then came along Monday, 40 degrees again and all I could manage was to sit on the couch, do a bit of work, sleep, watch TV, eat a little, drink a lot, sleep. etc.... By Tuesday I had falled ill.  Sick in the stomach, tired and lethargic, hurting all over with flu like symptons without the cold.  Decided in the afternoon I would ride one of the fun loops right near my house.  Normally would take me 40 minutes, but today took me 55mins.  And I was going that slow I was able to wait for a snake to cross the track rather than ride over or bunny hop the poor bugger. 


That was the crux, I was ill.  There was no denying it now.  Tuesday led into Wednesday, which turned into Thursday.  Still felt like crap.  Friday we were expecting guests, Christy(Crusty) and Darren(Darcy) for a ride or two and a sleep over.  Thankfully they showed up closer to lunch time and so did some more friends, Kim and Michael.  So off we went on a leisurely 35km MTB ride.  Felt ok, as the pace was moderate and we were talking heaps.  Still, my appetite was well below average and I only ate half my dinner and no lunch.

We had a great night, fire outside, marshmellows, easter eggs...it was nice to have people around and go for rides with them.

Saturday and my tummy was still a bit queasy, but we managed to go for a morning run.  This is one of the pleasures of living in Forrest, lovely tree covered trails to run on with undulating hills to keep you on your toes.  Kim and Michael left and the rest of us went out for one more ride.

We were then blessed with the presence of Adam for more riding.  Norm and I did not join him until Sunday as we were busy, but on Sunday I was in my worst form ever!  slow slow slow and with no zippiness at all in the legs or mind.  So I went home and suffered.  Slept and felt very depressed.  Woke up Monday still sick, everytime I ate, I felt ill. 

So today is Tuesday, enough of being sick, I hate it!  I do feel better, a long way from being in form, but on the mend I hope!  Thanks for listening anyway....