December - busy busy busy...

norm_and_adam.jpgWhat a great time I had towards the end of the year.
Tour of Bright with Cal and Norm.
Family Christmas's with both sides.
social MTB Rides.
Hard core epics.
Totally awesome road rides.
New years eve party with board games.
...and Saskia got a job in Apollo Bay.


I have had the opportunity, given that I have had the time as well as great weather, to do some great miles lately.



Cant recall exactly what day this was, but a few of us went for the 130km Apollo Bay - Lorne - Deans Marsh - Forrest and back to Apollo Bay loop on the road bikes.


Forrest & The Otways - Not just for Mountain Bikes from Norm Douglas on Vimeo.


My best memories of this day were:

1. Norm actually coming for a ride with me for!  Only happens 2-3 times a year.
2. The awesome weather and friendly winds.
3. Smashing the boys up the climb from Forrest to Skenes Ck.  YAY!

On Christmas day we were at home with my family and took my sister Amber and her son Marley for a fun MTB ride.  I love doing this with my family.  Love it when Saskia asks to go for a ride too!

cafe_de_douglas.jpgBoxing day me, Claire, Ben and Norm did some fun mountain bike rides too.
With a bit of cafe action at the Douglas's the day was awesome.  

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