December 2011 - Forrest & The Otways, Mt Buller too...a time for social rides, summer and some fun!

After a massive October & November I was amazed to still be alive and kicking in December, knowing full well I would not be able to hold good form forever.

The massive load that Croc Trophy delivered held me strong right up until I finished the Forrest Festival in the final weekend of November and then I felt my legs on every ride, every hill and social rides hurt!

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So I spent the month back to base, rides with Foxie to Skenes Crk and back on the roadie, pumping hill climbs into the legs.  Social mountain bike rides, with max HR's of 135! More hill climbs with our Colac Spew Crew doing 1hr of Red Rock hill repeats in the SE zone.  Practicing Red Carpet for upcoming New YEARS Red Carpet Repeats race.

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Even went to Mt Buller for 3 days with an enthusiastic bunch to ride more hills for the entire weekend, both road and MTB.



Oh and finally we got to do our Annual Forrest to Lorne mountain bike ride thats only 75km with 2000mts of climbing, its a killer but with friends and lunch at Lorne, makes it all worthwhile.


I can honestly say, there has been no structure to training, just a lot of riding and a lot of hills.
With the All Mountain Cup397461 10150430676471003_584566002_9145322_1911824145_n at MT Buller in January, I hope this sees me surviving somewhat at the high end of the field, I cant wait.

Then with Wildside too it shall be interesting to see how I fare and what this event is all about, I have heard so much wonderful things about it.

Oh and finally, my daughter Saskia turns 18 - I am getting closer to being a free agent! woo hoo.

Be back in touch after the Buller round - should be very very fun! 

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