Day 3 - Apollo Bay to Forrest Fun Fest

After a cruisey day yesterday, it was now time to hurt again.

The climb out of Apollo Bay up Wild Dog and then Busty always sorts the group out.
However, today was about keeping the group together and waiting every 10km or so to regroup.  The faster riders go more rest and the slower riders got the chance to get fitter!(little or no rest!)

mt_sabine_rest_stop.jpgHere is a pic of the only bit of shade up at Mt Sabine, one of our many re grouping spots.

Loads of fun after this, a great descent along West Barwon Tk, and then a pretty intimidating climb awaits, thanks to DSE and some 4wd tracks,the climb is so much more manageable than previous years.  Smooth as a freeway really.  Got to take a pic of this one day, the climb is pretty intense and you really need to get forward unless you are really good at monoing up steep granny climbs!




Here is a pic of our next stop at the Noonday turn off.


One nasty climb to go after this.

After the "one" nasty climb to go...well actually I call it Mrs.Noonday and her 3 daughters.  You go through a creek crossing after a cool long downhill and then the first daughter, the eldest, hits you.  She is sharp and steps up twice.  Then the next daughter is not so bad, she is the middle aged one and is very manageable.  The last daughter is short but she is really close to her mother, and the minute you get over her, mum is waiting and she goes on for a couple of kms and every corner you go around looks the same as the last.  Mrs Noonday, you suck!

Rewards wait for those who suffer though, with some really fun single track to ride and of course the RED CARPET!  the_quarry.jpgOnce down the bottom of the Red Carpet we headed straight to the quarry, clothes and all for some cool down activity.the_quarry_2.jpg

A great day again.  Day 3 and still alive.


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