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Geelong West Victoria 3218


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I first met Donna around March 2006 when a work colleague of mine suggested that she might be able to help out with my cycling.  

I had only just started out mountain bike racing and was very unfit on the bike but had the will and want to take it further.

There are people out there who prefer to do a SPIN class at their local gym and that’s fine, but what I like about doing ergo sessions with Donna is that they really are specific to your racing goals and definitely address weaknesses on the bike.  The kind of training undertaken in an ergo session is hard to do out on the road in an uncontrolled environment.  Donna has HR monitors, PowerTaps and SRM cranks to record every pedal stroke. 


I have also used Donna’s long time cycling coach and friend, John, to set me up on my bikes.  He uses a little bit of science and a little bit of intuition and gets it just right.  I have seen and heard of other bike fits that set you up on the recommended geometry no matter what it ends up feeling like, right or wrong.


Donna also is involved in lots of hands on, “ground work” coaching with AIS & VIS talent ID programs for road and time trial as well as some junior and senior triathlete squads.  Donna also coaches some awesome Australian mountain bike talent.


I guess you could say that while Donna is busy busy with top notch athletes, she still has time for the average punter and communicates to cyclists on all levels!


If you are looking at improving your cycling, technique, fitness, get a proper bike set up etc…give Donna a call and see if she can help you out.


Thanks Donna for all your help over the past 18 months!

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