Crocodile Trophy 2011 here we come.

Slacko Douglas is onto it again. My blog update that is.

August & September just flew by and I sill have not done my 2010-2011 tax assessment & MYOB entries. Far out life moves quick. My mum always used to tell me that before you know it the year is gone, as a child summer holidays felt like an entire year. But now a week goes by in like ONE HOUR! Or so it seems. Apart from training and racing like any other given week, things have been crazy, but fun.

So a few weeks ago I got an invite to attend the Croc Trophy, which starts in Cairns on Tuesday 18th October and runs for 10 days. Totalling 1250km over this time and done on MTB with a fair chunk of climbing too. Now no one was forcing me to, but how could I say no? I had kept up my training all winter, road racing most weekends in the elements and training hard mid week on the rollers and trainer as well. Check out the details here and the stages etc... Not sure of the chances I will get to update my race status along the way, but I will keep you up to date as often as I can.

Here is my schedule for the next few weeks: 9th -10th October - Scott 24hr in a team of 4 female 11th - 13th October - Ride the MTB Trails at Nambucca Heads 14th - 16th October - Visit Rowan in Brisbane and do some MTBSkills courses at Gap Crk and ride Mt Joyce 17th - 28th October - Race the Croc Trophy in FNQ for 10 days and one day either side. 28th Oct - 1st November - MTBSkills MT Buller retreat MTB weekend. ...then finally home for some well earned rest. Be in touch soon with some race reports on the weekend.

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