Crits...I am hooked!

st kilda crits - 16th Dec

Finally I attended the St Kilda Crits.

Norm and I (and Saskia) stayed at Mel and Lachy's on Saturday night.

Firstly I must divert and mention that Lachlan Wainright is an awesome cook and we ate very very moreish lasagna and some mmm mmmm Lemon Delicious pudding with ice cream.  I was not aware of the need to 'carbo load' for a 35 min race!...none the less I indulged in the pastime.

Come Sunday, up nice and early, Norm Mel and I rode down to Port Melbourne from their house in StKilda East.  Signed up for the Coffee Crits, got shown around the course and then entered B grade Womens to race.  Most of the other girls just raced in the Coffee Crits but I was glad to have gotten Norm to enter me whilst doing the training at 7:30am.  Riding with the coaches was handy to get to feel confident on the corners.  However, once racing with the B grade girls, I found I learnt what to do pretty quickly.

Very early on it sunk in that this was just a chess game that I had to play for 30 minutes, with some action in the last 3 laps.  So I just learnt how to stay alive in this race and did not really play any tactics.  The victor in the end, Kelly, made plenty of attacks which I was happy to go after and bring her back.  Another girl who was more my stature and strength made a move and I saw this one coming and was right on her wheel from the word go.  Wow, it was great adrenaline rush to read the play and be able to back it up!

30 minutes went very quickly and I started to wonder what I would need to do to win...but a little unsure and not much practice I stayed safe and remained in the bunch of 5.  On the bell lap I was out in front and soon realised that this would tire my out so hung back and did not roll to the back, just hung to the side of the front person.  Wrong position for this final corner as I had to go wider than normal and missed her wheel as she made for the final sprint.  I made ground on her as I wound up for the finish line...but about 2 meters too late and I came 2nd.

I AM HOOKED...and next time I am going to race B grade WOMENS and C Grade Mens.

why not come and meet me there and join in!  the more the better.

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