Cold, Wet & Windy...but still I ride!

Dirty bum   Koala on Red Carpet     Kaanglang hill ride

My week started out dry, with only a touch of drizzle at the You Yangs social ride on Queens birthday.  Phil stacked, we buried him, then drove home to start my week back in Forrest with a pledge to myself to get out and ride no matter what!

Tuesday I was so busy replying to all the emails and working on that a ride just did not happen.  So at 10pm that night, I hogged the loungeroom and put on Channel V and did an indoor trainer session on the road bike.  Wow, I actually stayed on the bike for an hour.  

It was tough to work out how I was going to measure my session and get something out of it.  So I did a 15 w/u with an interval session working up 1min/1 recovery, 2/1, 3/2, 4/3, 5/4 and back down again.  I was to do the efforts in big chain ring and 15 on the rear(did not have cadence or speed) with the aim of steady "strength efforts" smooth pedalling and increase my hr into E3.  It worked a treat, but am keen to see about SRM cranks one day....Easier to work on watts than HR.

Wednesday, I was feeling wonderful today and had the best sleep ever.  I remember when I used to only do my exercise at the gym I was the person who rocked up at 7:30pm and stayed til they kicked me out at 9pm.  I love to work out at night and it suited me obviously.  So did some more work in the morning and then decided I was going to do some hill work on the MTB, 80% gravel road and finish in single track as a treat.  My soul purpose was to ride with more cadence than I normally would and change gears accordingly to cater for the cadence range, which was 80-90 rpm.  Gee did my HR get up and my arse was working.  So the range of gearing varied between mid chain ring 5th gear, to MCR/2nd gear to cope with the cadence expectations.  I can see how if I do this kind of work once a week I will be able to handle greater load, lower HR, and same cadence, which will equal to greater kph and I will get there quicker and be a stronger rider without having to rely on my abililty to hold 60-70rpm in the SE range.

Thursday, well, it was cold, 12 degrees, and a lot to get done.  Norm has this idea of a race.  He wants to do a "classic" of some sort here in Forrest.  So he devised a course and I had to ride it.  not in its entirity, but partially to check out distance.  So off I went with Garmin attached and the first 10km I was not interested, a bit tired from the effort yesterday and cold. Lucky me, I saw my first Koala on Red Carpet, actually crawling on the trail trying to get away from me, I had to stop and take pics.  One of them is at the top of this story, I was literally about 2mt away from the koala and the claws were big, so did not go any closer!  So after the sighting, I got into it and had a ball doing 35km of the proposed course in 2hr and 5 min.  In the final 45 mins it started to pour down rain, got home and had a really hot shower, but had trouble getting out.  Used the dually for this ride and had a lot of fun jumping everything in sight, nearly lost the front wheel a few times on some logs.  Very slippery!  The photo here is the result of todays ride:

Dirty bum

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