BMC 100 (50 actually!)

I had my alarm set for 4:30am, yes you heard right, I was up at that ungodly hour.
Anyway, we were in the car around 5am driving from Forrest to  Woodend for the BMC classic.

I had entered the 50km event due to training at DISC indoor velodrome at 2pm that day. 
I was aiming (or hoping) that I would be finished the race by 12noon so that this could all fall into place nicely!

Christy, Darren, Stu, Lorenzo were all there, so it was good to relieve some pre race nerves with them around.  The morning was cold but we all agreed that we would not need vests or sleeves.  Glad to have made that decision!
Lorenzo, Ian and I went for a warm up for about 10 minutes, which was great for me, as I was feeling much better about myself after this.

You see, I have not been travelling well for some time now, since the Otway Odyssey back in Feb to be precise.  Mentally and physically down in the dumps and acually got sick for about 2 weeks with a 5 week build up again to get to 1/2 decent form. 
I had no idea what today would bring.  Absolutely NO idea!  Christy, Darren, Lorenzo, Ian and I sought out a front position.  I then saw Darren Davis right up the front, local trail blazer extrodenaire.  He was asking why I wasnt right up the front line, so I sheepishly went to the very front row.  Unsure of my suitability for such a position, I tried to not worry of the 50kms of pain and suffering that was to come.

        bmc 50 start line 3                                             bmc 50 start line 1

When we finally started I found myself in the lead pack and huffing and puffing madly, but sustaining the power in my pedal stroke no problem at all.  I took the lead in the bunch on a fireroad at one stage and missed the left turn, this put me to the back of the bunch and behind a rider that was a bit slower than I would have liked.  Darren took an opportunity to pass him and so did I.  We then both passed Niki Fisher and to my surprise she did not grab my wheel.  There she was, gone.  I could see her every now and again through the twisting single track, but eventually we hit the next bit of fireroad and she was gone, and I made sure of it.  At this stage I passed another 3 or so riders and caught 3rd place I think.  He pulled away in the single track, only slightly, but enough to lose sight on the turns. 

On my own now, over the 1/2 way mark, I continued to perservere with the same pace and power output as previously and kept ahead of most riders.  I managed to hang onto 2 guys on the next bit of firetrail and we caught yet another rider and low and behold he did not grab the end wheel of the bunch.  We worked hard through this section and put some big time into the riders behind us.
The next single track section had me sit at the back and lose both of them.  Only 15 mins or so later though, I was on a climb and here was one of the guys off the bike eating a gel, recovering a bit, so I asked if he was ok and continued on.  Here I started to work out the math.  I only had about 5 kms to go and maybe I was third overall(actually just found out that I came 4th to Peter Hatton 2:23, me 4th 2:37) and definately 1st female.  The track designers just could not help themselves with some more single track to finish off with but I was just hanging out for some fast road to get home.  Eventually I got my wish and recognised the road instantly.  Big Ring, 9th Gear, out of the saddle hammering it home.  Turned off the road and into the private property section and I was not about to rest on my laurels.  I kept looking back thinking someone will try and pip me at the post.  But I had it to myself!  Woo Hoo.  Sprinting up the hill to the finish...Happy Days! 

My time was just over 2 1/2 hours for the 50km effort.  Actually it was about 54kms! 
...and I had plenty of time to get to Melbourne for Part 2 of my day on the bike...

 bmc 50 finish line  BMC 50 all over  jac and jess

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