Bike Riding, sleeping and new stuff!

PhotobucketHey, I have a new bike 

Its a Giant Anthem XO.  Lorenzo at Torquay Cycling Factory rang on Friday 12th Sept with the awesome news, so Sal Norm and me drove in and got the young steed and took him home for some breaking in.  

We already had planned a night ride with Glen Jacobs and crew at Forrest at 7pm. The only thing really weird was having wide truck handlebars as we did not have enough time to change it.
Gee I do love night riding, and the Yo Yo is in the best of conditions at the moment.  Totally fun fast and sweet to ride.  My new bike ate up all the bumps and logs like they were flat which in turn increased my confidence to go faster on everything.  Smiles all round and big thumbs up. 

Then I got to ride it on Sunday at the Womens skills clinic at Lysterfield.

Here is a pic of the fantastic girls we took out on this day!  Thanks girls for a fabulous day.

As usual the trails were incredibly busy at Lysterfield, with every Tom Dick and Harry out there, which is good to see.  


This week the weather improved somewhat even if we did get torrential style HAIL that was basically snow had we been a little higher in the hills.  Monday was great to be sitting at home working being stunned by the ferocity of the winds and weather.  Tuesday I had an ergo session at Donna's and brekky with Sally in Highton.

Wednesday was the most fun road ride by myself I have had in a while.  I had to get to Torquay cycling factory and needed a long ride, put 2 and 2 together and it equaled an awesome 120km training ride.  Said hi to Phil Anderson along the way as we crossed paths too.  The swell was up and the sun was shining.  And the token magpie at the Anglesea round a bout was happy to see me and told me so by swooping me 3 or 4 times.

Jess 17th Oct GOR  Looking towards Lorne 17Oct 08  GOR surf

Low and behold I get home Wednesday and Phil has emailed me seeing if we are free for a fun MTB ride in Forrest.  Does a bear S$#T in the woods? Phil is a great guy and doing awesome for 1/2 a century.  We did 4 , 5 and 6 then up to the top of Red Carpet and back down.  Nice!

PhotobucketFriday (today) brought about some wonderful weather in the morning, and lucky for us as we met a group of students from Belmont High ran by Adam, Steve and Andreas.  A top group of young men willing to tackle any challenge.  Oh and thanks for the Ferrero Rochers...they are 1/2 gone already!



Tomorrow we are off to the You Yangs for an all day skills course - hope the weather is decent for all concerned!  Then a skills session with the MTB Skills RDS crew...and then a night ride...will update soon for more photos and a story on how it went. 

Where does the sleeping come into the title of this story...?
I have been sleeping like a trooper lately during the day,  nana naps, little lay downs, siestas, mid day lay ins...whatever you call them.  Only problem is that come night time, I am restless as all get out.

SLEEP...BRING IT ON!  Better than any drug or chocolate.