Back into training

Today, Tuesday 25th March, I am back into some form of 'formal' training with a purpose.  I think this has been my problem with moving to Forrest initially.  I just go for rides whenever doing whatever and for however long it ends up being.  this has lead me to exhaustion.

Today I am doing a windtrainer/x training session for 1 hour.  Then in the evening I am going for a 30 min MTB ride, "just for fun".

I have also booked in to do a MTB Guide course with Wodonga Tafe on April 7th -12th staying in Bright as the base.  sounds like a blast, but a lot of hard work with a 70km ride on the final day.  Lots of time spent on mechanics which I am looking forward to.  Will let you know how my training goes this week and if my sickness goes away soon!

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