Back Home and loving it!

Just a quick note to say Thank You again to everyone who followed me on Twitter, email, Facebook and sent me all your positive thoughts and support.

Norm and I have been home for nearly a week now and thankfully life is better than ever!  We are busy with new projects with our businesses and looking forward to planning for upcoming races.

In a couple of weeks we are off to a 6hr MTB Enduro race at Castlemaine with our Race Develoment Squad, there will be about 30 in total and its going to be a fun social event with a bit of racing mixed in.  I am doing Female Pairs with Helen and I am so looking forward to a bit of social training and helping out the solo riders in our group too.

Went for a night ride here in Forrest on Tuesday night and I finally feel like me 2 weeks in Canmore and all me training leading up to the Worlds has kicked in.  Felt awesome, flying along and loving it.  Not the normal way I feel after a 24hr race, which reiterates to me that perhaps it was just pure tiredness/jet lag etc...that stopped me from kicking in at the worlds, as I recovered so quickly physically.  Thats good news for me, knowing that I have more to give.

Next races:

  1. Castlemaine 6hr - Female Pairs 23rd August
  2. Australian MTB 100km Marathon Championships, Bendigo - 20th September
  3. 10th/11th October - Scott 24 HR in Canberra, Solo Female
  4. 24th October, Surf Coast 6hr Enduro
  5. 29th/30th November, Kona 24 hr - Solo Female
See you there!