Australian Open Road Cycling Championships

Silly silly me...

There is one heck of a race on this coming weekend and I have managed to muster up the guts, stupidity, balls, whatever you may call it...but I will be starting the 102 km Womens Road race at Buninyong near Ballarat on Saturday 12th January.

Whilst it is a Bejing Olympic Qualifying event, this is not why I am doing it.

102km, just over 3 hours of riding, lots a hill climbing and some race tactics to be learnt off the best.  Perfect training for me in the lead up to the Otway Odyssey, the 6 hour enduro at Mt Beauty and also the Australian MTB SOLO championships in March.

I am looking forward to seeing what I can muster up on the day and most of all learning from the experience. 

Thanks in advance for all your prayers and well wishes!  I will fill you in maybe Sunday if I have the energy!

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