Are we there yet?

are we there yet

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
No kids, we are not there yet.
But when we will get there?
Kids, we will get there when we get there, that's when!
When, when?

We, in Victoria, Australia at least are ‘Not There Yet.”
Our last ‘are we there yet moment’ was a quick duck into the servo on the Hume Hwy kind of moment.  The family all went in for an extended sit down Macca’s value meals extravaganza.
It felt good, it felt like we were on our way home now and rejuvenated to get the rest of the road trip done with gusto.
But the M31trip from Sydney to Melbourne is always - like ALWAYS smattered with bloody road works, but this time around, the detours are taking us to Wagga Wagga, Corowa, Shepparton and though we are close to our 110km an hour freeway trip home, we have to keep taking the back roads.
As our GPS devices like to tell us, “we are off course”.
Hang with me here on the analogy.
If you remember those painful family road trips when the M&M’s ran out and the radio station no longer got any reception except for Radio National, (which is not a problem these days right?).
Boredom set it.
Initially, a sleep was a good way to waste time.
But then you would get creative.
Games, “eye spy with my little eye, Song guessing, Truth or Dare, The quiet game, Punch buggy, etc…”
And eventually, after the euphoria of fun games, the sugar of the m&m’s and the thrill of travel wore everyone down and there was little or no fun left to have. 
Mum or dad, whoever was driving, was not stopping for anyone.  No more toilet stops, no more games, all business.
Drive home as fast as legally possible. Those last 200km were never-ending and no one was happy anymore.
201008 02 campbelltown
It feels like this is where we are at in Victoria at least.
We are playing fun games, making ‘lockdown’ and restrictions into challenges and being open-minded to change and (overused trending term) “pivot” like freaking ballet dancers.
Now the games are boring.  We just want to get home. To our own beds and eat real food, take away hot chips were fun at the time but now we just want home-cooked meals.
We are at the stage of Please Let This Be Over, but sorry kids, it ain’t over.
We don’t know when this will end.
We only have control of what we do in our family and our home.
We may have to hit the ZOOM meetings again for work.  or no work at all…
So what does this mean as an athlete?
What has happened to those events that were looking like the pot of gold?
We can look to those in NZ, and other states in Australia that have returned to racing.
It is actually happening, it will happen again, it will be different, but one day this will be part of our rich history.
When shit hits the fan, the best action to take is to gain back some control.
  • What can you do to slow the spread of Coronavirus?
  • What can you do to keep yourself and family safe and healthy?
  • What can you do to keep working and provide your services?
  • What health and fitness goals and structure can you implement to keep you on track even with no events in sight?
  • What are the small things you can regain control of?
2019TeacherTruths Autosaved
We all want our lives back as we knew it, no shit Sherlock.
But when we can’t have that, its about refocusing on the true extent of what matters and narrowing in our energy to a few important things.
As your coach, I can absolutely help with a shift in focus.  
Again this really does come down to narrowing down a timeline and narrowing down the accountability.  
Whatever it is, I am here to help.
It is up to us to embrace that long road trip down the Hume because we really don’t know when we will get back home.