Anzac Day Social Road Ride- Forrest-GOR-Forrest

Anzac day road ride

Friday 25th April, Anzac Day public holiday. The day started from my house in Forrest.  Me, Normous Socks, Adam "Silverback" Kelsall, Jeff "foxie", Peter "Pete the Meat", Darren "Darcy", Christy "Twist" and "Shameless" Shane set off on our assortment of road bikes for the 125km cruise around the Great Ocean Road and back home again via Deans Marsh.

The weather had been threatening to be unsuitable for a ride, however we only got the start of it 10kms from home. 

The ride starts instantly with a hill climb out of Forrest up to the top of the Otways before descending for the next 10kms.  This is where we are in the above photo.  For the 10kms of descending we were definately going faster than the cars and the wind was friendly on our precious bikes and bodies.  Arriving down at Skenes Creek, we turned toward Lorne.  The ocean was flat like a lake and the weather was noticably warm.  This section resulting in rolling turns for about 20km before the fun little  attacks started.  There was no way I was going to let all the fun belong to the boys so I made sure I counter attacked EVERYTHING and then kept going and turning their lungs and legs into exhausted heaps.  Fun fun fun!  Thanks Jeff, Norm and Adam for the fun here!

Lunch at Lorne was funny.  Darren has a lovely Scottish accent and ordered an almond croissant with his lunch.  The poor little love on the counter didnt understand him so never brought it out.  They actually admitted this to Darren and whilst it was not nice to be served in this manner, it was a bit funny and Darren did not live it down for the rest of the weekend.


Leaving Lorne after lunch we headed up the hill towards Deans Marsh.  The deal was to go your pace and wait and Benwerrin.  I decided to start at the back and work my way up, nearly caught Adam and Peter!  Always a nice climb lasting around 11kms.  The ride to Deans Marsh was nice and undulating with some fast descending.  Coke and chocolate at D.M and then about 25-30kms to home.  This was the hardest part of the ride.  The wind turned to a NWesterly and brought a bit of rain and the road is a tad boring from here on with a nasty climb to finish with.

We all made it and had a great time.  Thanks so much for all your company...lets do it again some day but in another direction!  


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