Another WIN...and crash bang - sick as a had to happen sooner or later.

Since the Scott 24 hour, I have been flat out. 

One week out from winning the Surf Coast 6 hour we held our 2nd MTB Skills camp at Eumeralla.  What a hoot.  We had some wonderful people come and grace us with their prescence.  Wow, Norm and i are so lucky to meet the awesome people that we do.  Thanks to all of you who attended our camp, we hope to see you again at a race, a course, or our next camp!  Dennis Beare was terrific with our group too as we took them to the Anglesea MTB park with the 4X track.  It was wonderful to see the increase in confidence and skill come out by the end of the weekend as well as new friendships.

Thanks to Torquay Cycling Factory, Eumeralla Scout Camp, Dennis Beare, Donna Rae Szalinski, Gen from Torq, Lorenzo of course, Shane from Soul Fuel, Jet Black Products for use of demo lights (Nite Rider), Liz and Adam the awesome instructors and of course Normie Douglas. 


Busy organising the Race Developement Squad, busy with skills courses, busy with mtb tours, and busy being me.  No real need to train right now, but somehow the option to ride just keeps popping up.  Who can say no?

Rides to test out the Kona 24 hour, night rides, taking people for guided tours, training others and of course...just one more race!

The one more race was the Surf Coast 6 hour at Anglesea.

Had a great time.

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In attendance:

  1. Sandy
  2. Tory
  3. Peter
  4. Sara
  5. Katie
  6. Phil
  7. Stewie
  8. Jezza
  9. Me!
  10. Norm
  11. David Lacey
  12. Adam the man of wonders
  13. Calum and Hamish

...and many more that I may have missed.  There was a huge contingincey of MTB skills members and participants and we all did really well.  A load of podiums.  Adam won the 3 hr too!  Tory came 2nd. Sara came 2nd in 6 hour.  The weather was hot and the course gruelling...not so much in a tough climb or hard technical course, but just tough on the body and loads of sand and dust.  Did I mention Hot?

After winning the 6 hour solo female category I really felt ill from the get go, and could not imagine feeling good on Sunday, which I did nt.  Had no appetite and wanted to sleep all day.  It is Wednesday as I write this - 4 days later and I am still not great, but at least eating.  Wondering now if the Gravity 12 hr is a fairy tale and if I should let it go.  Bright boot camp is also looking like a fairy tale.  Oh well. Live and learn. 

I am up here in Bright, beautiful sunshine, wonderful road rides, and I am sitting in a motel room typing this story on the internet, hoping to feel good again some time soon!  When that happens, I may just take it a little easier for a while.  Kona 24 hour is my main goal so will keep well for that.