...another boring day at the office...ho hum!

Sorry to not invite anyone, sometimes it is a bit hard when the roads are at your doorstep and there is 12hrs notice that a ride "IS ON".

It would be similar to being a surfer living near the beach ringing his mates in Melbourne letting them know at 5am that the surf is pumping.  He is not going to wait 3 hours for them to get down.
...Anyway, a friend(Liz) and I rode my now favourite loop off all time yesterday. 
The wind was a northerly in the morning which was great.  However it was possibly 10 degrees leaving from Forrest...and it only got colder.
At a leisurely 10am, the 2 of us left my house at Forrest in perfect conditions.  17 kms later we had climbed to the Turton's Tk entrance.  I warned Liz that Turton's is too good to be true.  Being MTB'ers I was able to advise her that it is single track for roadies.  Popping out at Beech Forrest we were met with the slight cross/tail wind of the northerly that had the chill of a southerly. 
The trip from B.F to Lavers Hill was sweet, we were able to power along here most of the way in the big ring around 36-42kmph quite easily.

Coffee at Laver's Hill and we were squealing like kids for the next 10 or so Km's.  The wind did not give us any grief on these downhills and the roads were dry.  Arriving at Castle Cove, we forced a stop to admire the view.  Once in the flats of Glenaire we started to feel a cross/headwind of the northerly and our speed was now around 27-30kmph on the flat!

liz at castle cove  Jess and liz at Castle Cove    Castle cove
5 or so kms later and we were up the climb that effectively lasts 11km (with some small downhills inbetween).  Thanking the cold weather for keeping me cool, as I had my layers unzipped to let the fresh air in.  The roads were wet now and there was rain clouds hanging around Apollo Bay and you could not see the hills. 

Our next descent, lasting 9kms was a little hairy at times with the road being a bit more exposed to the wind now.  The storm clouds had moved out to sea by now, but the rain had left the roads very wet and now I was sporting a wet chamois...nice!  (NOT!)

looking through to Apollo Bay  Marengo
 Hot soup at Apollo Bay and we were off for the final fling.  Skenes Ck to Forrest.  From the beginning of the climb out of Skenes to the top of the climb is 10km with a 500mt gain in altitude.  50mts of altitude for every 1km ridden...mmmmmmm, love it!  Give this climb another 500mts(turn it into a mountain perhaps) and you have yourself a Cat 1 climb?  Thats what I will tell everyone that does not know any better!
 The northerly made itself known about 5kms into the climb and my speedo reminded me that I was being slowed down to 11kmph.  OUCH!  Thankfully this only lasted around 1km. 
Reaching Tanabryn a few kms down the road was a relief, knowing that home was less than 20kms away. 
 A few climbs to punch over from here to Barramunga and basically a 6km descent into Forrest.  With the roads a bit wet and slippery and the afternoon sky darkening, I was a bit apprehensive to let it rip, but did not encounter a car on my side of the road for the final leg.
 This trip totalled 140km and I would do it again today...if it wasnt raining!

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