Anaconda Enduro Series - Lysterfield May 11th

Christy and I joined forces again for another year of the Anaconda Enduro series.  entering again in Female Pro Pairs, the contest was hot.  Tory and Katherine, Naomi and Jo, Jo and Jaci, Jenni and Niki, Katie and Ali.  Our goal was fun first, then functional(of course).  The fun being racing as fast as we could and passing as many males as we could.  Functional being an awesome training ride if nothing else!  Our results personally were pretty good, and I was happy with some fast lap times.  We came 5th out of 6.  Next time we will aim to go harder and faster!  Bring on June 1st.  6hours of fun! 

I have just spent the weekend running our first MTB skills camp at Eumeralla and Norm and I had a ball.  We hope to have convinced some of our campers to race at the next round!

Here is a picture of all the bikes lined up outside a cafe in Anglesea.  muddy bikes at anglesea


 This weekend I have the GMBC 3 hour twilight race and then on the Sunday I have the Duathlon with Liz in a pair.  I am doing the MTB and Liz is doing the running.  More fun! Tongue out 

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