Amy's Ride and Jayco Bay Crits in Geelong

I am a bit tired today, Monday 7th January 2008...Norm and I spent the past few days sitting around and watching the Bay Crits, helping out Rob and Snozza at the SRAM tent and me doing Amy's Ride on the Sunday whilst Norm was part of the SAG wagon/mechanical support team for the ride.

We arrived back from Bright on Wednesday, so did not bother to go and watch day 1 of the Crits at Williamstown.  The following day however, we rode down to Portarlington to watch the womens and mens races with Sebastian.  We saw tonnes of people that we knew down there and had a great time.  

Day 3, held down at Ritchie Blvd, was guaranteed to be full of crashes and tight racing with the hot dog circuit.  The racing did not start until around 4:30pm and it was HOT!  We hung around the SRAM tent again and watched Rob and Snozza do their stuff.  They were extremely busy at this circuit with many riders crashing and needing a spare front or rear wheel.  

Day 4 on the Saturday was even HOTTER, it was most likely around 38 degrees celcius and the riders had to contend with the longest circuit of the 5 days, being around 2.3km around the perimeter of Eastern Gardens.  Laps were taking just over 3 mins.  Today, Rob had to follow in a spares vehicle to pick up repairs to the length of the course.  Rob was busy...but the rest of us...well we just sat around for 3 minutes at a time seeing if Rob brought back any work.


Snozza had a job finally!


Other highlights of the day...

Having Cadel park his car right next to the SRAM tent

Saying hi to Phil Liggett as we were getting ice creams.

Watching Katherine O'Shae riding in the womens race in a break away!  Go GIRL!


After the racing on Saturday we headed down the beach and actually watched the thermometre reading in the car drop from 38 to 24 by the time we got to Bancoora.

An hour later, we watched it creep up again to 35 as we got back home.  The worst sleep in a long time was had and I really did not want to get up and do Amy's ride as I was so tired.  Norm was helping Rob Eva and Snozza (SRAM neutral support) with the mechanical support for Amy's Ride so I was going to ride with Jo and her friends. 

Glad that I did come along for Amy's Ride!

I got to chat firstly with the Mayor of Geelong, Bruce Harwood, from Leopold to Portarlington.

Then from Portarlington to Indented Head, I got to talk with Stuart O'Grady.

Once we hit St Leonards the large bunch of about 60 started to break up, and for about the next 3 kms I worked hard to tag onto a bunch in front of me.  Once on this bunch, I sat for about 1 min and worked again to reach to next bunch.  I kept doing this until the road to Ocean Grove.  There was about 5 of us who re grouped and stayed together until Breamlea.

I was now on my own as somehow I had accidently dropped the other 4 when I took my turn at the front. Hitting Horseshoe bend road with only 20 odd kms to go, I gained a new group as I was like a horse on the home trail cruising along at 40+ kms an hour.  I dont believe any other rider took a turn for the next 15kms(Norm would kill me for doing all the work!...but it was not a race, just an awesome training ride). 

116kms later, arrived back at Eastern Gardens in 3 hours and 28 mins. 

The final day of racing with one of the hairiest corners of the week too!

The mens support race saw a very scary accident with a young guy losing control and flipping into the fence(steel and wood poles a plenty!)  He was keen to race again and Rob was changing his wheel and saying to him "are you sure you want to get out there again, do you feel ok?" and all of a sudden he had to sit down and started shaking and feeling really BAD.  No more racing for him today!

Thank goodness the rest of the day was uneventful at that corner!  Norm finally arrived back from his final round up of riders on Amy's ride. He was so busy all day and had some funny and not so funny stories to tell.

Check out results on

A great weekend had, thanks Jo, Snozza, Rob, Dianne, Kate and Amy for some good times!

See you at the next event no doubt. 

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