Always the Deep thinker...but when you dig a bit deeper you find treasures that others give up on

409564 10152127962003840_52744004_nA reflection on the year that has been, 2012...and what is to come of 2013?

We are all asking this every January of every new year.
In 2012, I achieved so much and crammed in so much more than I ever thought or dreamt that I could do.
Racing and achieving grand results, winning another World 24hr Solo championship in Italy, building on my business MTBSkills, opening up the Corner Store Forrest, employing and training staff, and yes...still racing.

I turn 40 in less that 1 month and it is only my own will and desire that prevents me from getting what I want in life. Sometimes that is the hardest thing...working out what you want!

Every year I look at what races, events, places I would like to go, what captures my imagination and what experiences I can encounter and even the people I will meet, people I may never have met where it not for a race. I love that part, the chance to just enjoy what the world has to offer just because you are at a certain place on a certain time and avail yourself to the world!

So with that in mind, I have looked at 2013 with a revisit of some old goals and a few new ones with a twist.

In 5 weeks time I will be racing the Kona Odyssey for the 7th time, in the 100km. A new course, a new bench mark and with 5 weeks to fitness...who knows what I can put out there!
I am then off to the Bike Buller Festival at Mt Buller in March, just purely for training, the people, the mountain and the experience.
Late March, Easter long weekend, I will be doing a solo 24hr at Old Hidden Vale in Qld.
Mid April I am off to Western Australia for the Delirium24hr road race, solo 24hr on the roadie! A circuit of around 3.2km long, the challenge will be to stay focused.
May is for the Forrest 6hr, maybe this year I can win?
I have not worked out what to do in June, July, August & September...but I do know that in October I will be off to the WEMBO World Solo 24hr MTB championships at Mt Stromlo.

Racing is not only my focus, but giving back to the world that has so freely given to me, a few charity rides yet to be confirmed and lots of club level volunteering.

270305 10151218402031003_1975042521_nI have already started working with the local Forrest Primary School children over the school holidays, introducing them to the mountain bike trails, safely and with loads of fun. We even went on a group night ride last night, loaning out every single last light I had.

The sense of purpose is so strong when I get to see these children have so much fun and genuinely thank me for the opportunity. It is only now as a 39 year old that I can see what it is to have strong role models around you, people who show you the way, providing opportunities and paving the way to whatever you decide to do in life.

I can only hope that these children in Forrest start to use these experiences on the mountain bike as opportunities to give anything a go and see the possibilities and not the barriers.
I won't deny, my days are filled with challenges that extend me beyond what I would normally accept, but when you have no choice, to Do or Do Not...there is no try...well you just go ahead and DO!

So I am off the blog to get a solid ride in along the Great Ocean Road, meet Norm in Geelong and have a great day off work.

Happy 2013, be the person you want to be, do the things you know you should, be true to yourself and be honest in your efforts...and don't forget to forgive, let go of hate, fill your days with love and compassion and always remember this as the most important thing in your life – try to remember that its not always about you, instead what YOU can do for someone else.