A weekend with friends

Great people and rides all weekend...

sat_23rd_jan_2010.jpgJac, Christy, Darren, Joe, Ben, Juppy, John, Foxy, Normie, Steve & Peter were in attendance on Saturday.  

So its supposed to be summer...but as you can see it was pretty wet.  We kept riding into the clouds and it got colder and colder.  The proposed route was supposed to be Forrest - Beech Forest - Lavers Hill - Glenaire - Apollo Bay - Skenes Ck and back to forrest.  140km all up, but we just went through the beautiful Turton's tk onto Beech Forrest.  35km one way and then on the return trip - much to Normies disgust, we ended up racing it back, mostly to keep warm. On the return to Forrest, the sun was shining and a better day emerged.  70km on the roadie with 1000m of climbing done.


Back to Cafe de Douglas, nachos, coffee all round and we even lit a fire to keep warm!

martians.jpgBy 12noon Ben, Juppy, Peter and I went and finished off another 50km with a trip to Martian's cafe in Deans Marsh. 

Lemon slice and a coffee and we had to do the return ride, yep, I was tired now.

Dinner back at the Douglas's, 12 at the table.
A great night, thanks to all!


Day 2, 7:30am and beautiful weather. 
Planned route: Forrest - Skenes - Lorne - Benwerrin - Deans Marsh & back to Forrest.  120km.

Greeted with a much nicer day we were able to pace it so we were riding a lot closer together and spent less time waiting.  down_to_skenes.jpgThe descent into Skenes ck was very friendly with some slight winds but nothing dangerous.  The 40km ride to Lorne along the GOR was just perfect, slight breeze and deliciously warm sunshine.

We arrived in Lorne at 10:30am and decided upon a late brekky.

benny.jpgThe climb up Benny was perfect and a friendly tempo was initially set until 5km in Joe and I could not help but up it by the slightest to work on pulling away from the noisy gear changes and heavy breathers behind us. 

Thanks Joe for the company and assitance with this effort.


For those that were there, beware of the grizzly bear who got stung by the bee whilst eating the honeycomb.  Do not disturb. Yes, that's Norm Douglas... NEVER ever talk to him at the top of a climb or during a climb or anytime on a ride where he might have expended energy. He is however entered in his first 40+ 6hr enduro at Mt Beauty...watch me talk to him whilst he is physically extended as I support his solo effort! Oh I am going to have fun!!

The other side of the Benny climb did end in another race.  I just love those punchy climbs and undulations.  A compulsory coke stop at Deans Marsh shop allowed us all to regroup with Juppy leaving a bit early to get a head start.

Jac Connell wanted to test out her reaction to the caffeine in her coke and took the initiative for a long wind up attack as I was just peddling along.  Ooopps, there she goes, Joe behind her, I better hang on. So Joe counter attacks, and then I had to find Joe's wheel pronto.  Ahhh!  Joe and I were off...again!  

The entire day was fun, great riding and some pretty damn awesome training.
240km in two days.