a week off - thank goodness

After having raced and trained solidly for 5 weeks, it was time to chill for a week.  Even when I went to go for a ride, I just couldnt even bring myself to chuck it in the big ring and pop off every lump and bump along the trail. Within 5kms I knew that I must turn around and go home.  This was on Wednesday 14th May.  I had just raced Pro Female Pairs with Christy at the Anaconda Enduro, and whilst we came 5th out of 6 pairs, we both did some awesome times against some of Australias best female XC riders. 

It is now the 2nd week of my recovery, and I am bringing in the goods again.  Feeling fine, a little unmotivated, but thats just normal after no racing on the weekend.  Instead Norm and I had our first MTB skills camp.  We have 15 awesome campers attend our weekend at Eumeralla Scout Camp in Anglesea.  The weather was atrocious and the mud dispicable, but with adversity, our team grew in spirit and did amazing things and met some new riding buddies and all.  Yep, Norm and I were on show 24/7.  Sleep and toilet time were our only time to ourselves, not that it was a problem, it was interesting getting to know everyone and talk with total strangers.  

Mountain biking is not unique to other sports or pursuits, and it is good to have a medium in which to have purpose to meet new people and make new friends.  No doubt Norm and I have met 15 great people and will continue to keep in contact.  I hope to have convinced 10 at least to start some racing, if for nothing else but to find another avenue of having fun on the bike.

Speaking of fun, I keep remembering my motto.

First it must be fun - is the course, format, people, location fun?

Then it must be functional - what I am getting out of it, is there a purpose, will I walk away rewarded in some way?

Only then am I concerned about my result - with functional fun in mind, I will always aim to be and do my best.  The result will be the proof of this.

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