A long hard winter

Its been a few weeks since my last entry.
Have been struggling with training, motivation and tiredness for sometime since returning home from the World Solo Champs in late July. 

It has now been 2 months since that weekend and finally things are starting to pick up again.

On return from Canada, we were confronted with some gloomy Victorian weather, some of the longest bouts of rain and wind I can remember in some time. Cold, wet and windy. I was sleeping lots and training less.  Training was hurting, sleeping was like a drug, whilst I was in bed, I had no responsibilities and time would go by without having to think or do anything.
Living in Forrest, with 200 residents and only a handful of cyclists, its hard to get out and train when you are in this situation.
I was starting to have second thoughts about where I was heading next with my racing.
A bit of a perfectionist, I was probably overanalysing everything and not taking the proper mental and physical break from my cycling.

I am now feeling much better and starting slowly to pick up my power on the bike and eagerness to train.  It will be at least another 8 weeks before I will feel 100% again, but I am going to be patient and cant wait to experience fresh and fast legs again!

Since the Worlds, I have been busy and have had loads of fun doing the following:

  1. Female Pairs at Castlemaine Enduro with Helen Newman - we came 1st.  Thanks Helen
  2. Australian MTB Marathon Champs at Bendigo. Awecome course, strong competition and great weather...and I came 5th!   

Here are some great pics of what I have been doing.



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