40 degrees, 100km - I don't think so...

A culmination of some solid riding and a hefty increase in temperature brought the final day on new years eve to a grinding halt.

It ended for me at the Dam wall.  No longer could I keep cool in the shade, it was time to pull the pin.  50kms done and dusted, happy to leave it at that.

We should have started earlier, like 6am, but that would require a very early start. Sleep was most important to me today.

nyd_busty.jpgThe plan was to manage the entire 100km Otway Odyssey course in one day.  No worries, except for the heat really.  It was forecasted to be 39 degrees, which indeed it got too with some serious humidity.

Joe was on fire and riding most things in the BCR.  But he did have yesterday off!  Unfair? or smart?


nyd_checkpoint_1.jpgThis was my routine for the duration of the ride.  Get to check point to re group and take off sunglasses, gloves, helmet, camel back, unzip top further and try to suck in as much fluid as possible without running myself dry too soon.



By the time we got to the dam wall at 50km, this process was no longer working so that was the sign to me to give up on the 100km idea.

Joe and Lance decided to do trails 4, 5 & 6 to finish the day off at 60km. nyd_checkpoint_2.jpg






nyd_beach.jpgNow for the drive back to Apollo Bay, a swim in the ocean, an ice cream and now lets get ready for a new years eve BBQ and board games festivus. 







nye_the_rain.jpgA cool change came through and brought the most amazing downpour.  sitting on the back porch, it was like we were in tropical Vietnam on a rainy wet season summers evening.



nye_serious_games.jpg By midnight, I was in bed, thanking my lucky stars that I did not plan a silly ride on NY day!  

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