24hr Preparation nearly in the bag – hope it fits!

IMG 2948We get 20kIMG 2946g each Plus 15kg excess lugguage for bike boxes, thats 60kg between the Norm & I.


To pack:

  • Liv/giant cycling gear, numerous changes and warm weather gear too

  • 2 x pairs of Shimano MTB shoes

  • 2 x Giro helmets

  • Gloves, socks & accessories needed for extremeties

  • 2 pairs of Oakley Radars

  • My Garmin Monitor & HR belt

  • General clothes for day to day living

  • Shoes & jacket etc...

  • Toiletries

  • Liv/giant bottles

  • Torq nutritional needs

  • supplements and vitamins

  • Light & Motion light heads x 3

  • Light & motion 6 cell batteries x 6-7

  • Schwalbe Rocket Rons 2.1 x 26” UST tyres x 2 spare

  • Spares, tubes, tyre levers, Norms basic bare minimum “fix it” tool kit

  • 2 x Giant Anthem X SL 0's (2012 & 2013 models) and approriate Giant specific spares

  • Euro / Italian power adapters & Aussie power boards

  • Cabin allowance of 2 x laptops and associated bookwork, diaries, papers etc...

  • Iphones, Ipod and chargers


    Now heres hoping it all fits and is under weight as invariably you get to check in and somehow their scales weigh you in at 22kg not 19kg as you weighed it at home.


    Some last minute sprucing still to be done today, tomorrow and Saturday morning.

    I have to test out the No.2 bike as Norm just replaced all the bearings on the pivots, so will do that tonight at Brew Crew.


    As I get ready I recall heading to Canada back in 2009 for my first ever overseas trip and World 24hr solo championship with 24hrs of Adrenaline.

    A huge contingent of Aussies went over to Canmore and it was in the July. Middle of Summer. Yep it was hot, and it was light until 10pm!


    When we first arrived in Calgary I was amazed at how all the houses on the outskirts of the city all looked the same, we were on a airport shuttle bus to Canmore and Norm was adament that he was not going to tip the driver and we had only just landed!

    The scenery was epic as we headed out to the mountains, following the river which was amazing. I was very tired and between little cat naps on our 1.5hr trip I had loads of sneaky peaks of these magnificent mountains, some still with snow on them.


    As we head to Italy, I wonder what the scenery will be like as we drive the hire van from Milan to Pietre Ligure. I seriously have no idea what to expect and what challenges we will encounter along the way. I really dont know one iota of Italian so will be interesting to say the least.


    I have even thought about what this all means, to go to Italy, to race this 24hr event, and then to win it if that is this was to eventuate.

    In my deep thinking ways, I have wondered why do we strive to go the next step further, why do we step outside our comfortable existence to experience these things on offer with no guarantee of what will come of it?


    On a personal level deep within my heart it is about personal growth through life experiences.

    Not to be the best in the world, not to win every race I put myself on the start line for, not for the glory of being respected as an endurance mountain biker but for what this all stands for.


    In my heart and how I see it, putting myself on the line, giving myself up for the suffering, opening myself up to these experiences is like being an entrepeneur, or an inventor, or an explorer.

    I am on a mission to give back to this wonderful world through my experience as a mountain biker, a person who is willing to face fear and show others that you can achieve your deepest inner dreams ...all you need to do is to stop sitting here reading this and take the first step!


    The world is out there for you and as I have said before...today will pass whether you decide to take a step towards your dreams regardless.

    My fave quote: “Do today what others wont, so you can do tomorrow what others cant!”


    Break the mould, peacefully forgive the people who want to bring you down, its your thoughts that contain your reality so make it SO!


    I am going to have a brilliant time in Italy, catch up with great people, see a part of the world I have never set foot in, experience a culture that is new to me, race and suffer and face my fears and I couldnt be more excited.


    Be back in touch soon with an update when I arrive in Italy on Sunday 31st May.

    Here's a great YouTube clip on the Finale Ligure race track and surrounds, what to expect. Finale Ligure 24hr