2 Weeks In Bright

bright boot camp   bright bootcamp

As I write this I am up to day 10 in Bright.  Norm and Saskia arrived from Forrest last night around 10pm.

Here is what I have been up to:....

Monday last week(29th Oct?) I drove up from Forrest to Bright, not well at all.  I had to stop driving every hour or so and sleep and recover.  It was a very tough drive and the minute I got here I went to bed in my motel room.

Poor Jeff had to deal with me being bedridden all day, so he went and rode up Mt Buffalo by himself.  Tuesday he had planned to ride up Mt Hotham, I knew this was not a likely thing that I was goign to achieve but rode to Harrietville struggling to maintain 25kmph.  Still a nice 50km return ride on the flat with a nasty angry magpie that swooped me both ways.  Bit late mate!...its nearly summer!

Wednesday I decided to venture out and go for a MTB ride with Bright MTB club and we rode the 6 hour course, which was totally awesome.  Starting to feel better...thank goodness.

Thursday I let Jeff decide what he wanted to do and so we did an all day 60km MTB epic using all the trails I rode last night plus more.  A great day.  The weather was hot and steamy with loads of sunshine but most importantly loads of fun single track...so much so that Jeff was keen to go for an early morning ride on Friday before he was heading back to Geelong.  Friday we explored some new trails that were steep and rocky with some hairy off camber downhill switchbacks that had me nervous and a tad hesitant to say the least.

Thanks Jeff for a wonderful week, sorry I could not share the road riding trips with you but rest assured I enjoyed the rides to come...     

So Friday came about and I changed locations to Porpunkah Pines Cvn Pk and waited for Gen to arrive from Geelong as we were attending the Bright Boot Camp for the next few days.

In a nutshell:

Saturday 31st Oct - Mt Buffalo return - approx 50km

Sunday 1st Nov - Falls Creek return (including Tawonga Gap)  132km

Monday 2nd Nov - Hotham return(only made it to ticket gate due to bad weather) 100km return

Tuesday 3rd November - Gaps Loop - 105km...this was the best ride with 2 climbs and some wonderful scenery.


Norm, Saskia and me are now spending some time just relaxing and getting ready for the Gravity 12 hour at Rosewhite.  Really looking forward to getting home but have thouroughly enjoyed the change in scenery.