My Dirty Secret.

03 July 2017
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It is 11 am Monday morning.  I have 1hr to write this, well that is my goal!
It's a blog about my bike, it's a dirty secret I have.  I take my road bike on the dirt and I do it deliberately and often. Yes, I have a CX bike, and 3 mountain bikes but this bike...well she is good.

She is Avril the Avail. Available for anything.  
Her birth name is Liv Avail Advanced Pro - what a mouthful!

Earlier this year I had my eyes on adding this versatile bike to the stable.
She has disc brakes and a much comfier

Being Fit and Able for anything that comes my way

26 June 2017
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The Story of the Surf Coast Trail Marathon.

Back when I was 16 or 17 I did a 10km fun run around Eastern Gardens, it hurt like hell. But somehow I would go out for for random runs even though I was fairly bad at it. No talent scouts ever tapped me on the shoulder as I plodded my way around the streets of my neighbourhood of Whittington. I was not Lee Troop who was also pounding the pavement at the same time and is only 1 month younger than me.  He ran so good he went to the Olympics

The 2017 Cloudride Bike Packing Experience

08 June 2017
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Its has been 7.5 weeks since my crash resulting in concussion and memory loss, time off the bike and all that drama at Easter on the Monaro 1000 Cloudride.
My biggest regret is not riding along and giving myself 7 days to complete it, instead rushing in head first trying to smash myself and race it.  
The entire region is amazing, so many pictures I wish I had taken, so many places I wish I had stopped and soaked it in.
To be honest I am not at all excited about writing about it. The ride itself was quite big, consumed a