Yes, we can do FTP tests, Ramp Tests, improve your power to weight, improve your sprint and refer you onto a bike fit specialist, physios etc…

We can map out race calendars, yearly planners, goals to strive for, checkboxes to tick off.


This is a given.

Each individual has their own unique set of circumstances so we just take this into account periodically to suit race/event and life goals. 

Most of my clients have worked with me for 2+ years, some 10+ years!
However, if you have a short term goal, 12 weeks to improve yourself for an upcoming event, then this is also fine.  There is no commitment beyond the month you have paid for in advance.
You can cancel or ‘opt-out’ at any time, come back in when life allows you to.

What is included:

  • The billing cycle is monthly - paid in advance.
  • Training Peaks Coaching Premier Subscription for the duration of coaching period.
  • Weekly programs, designed to suit your circumstances and location and training environment.
  • Unlimited contact via email, messenger etc...with planned phone call once a week or when needed.
  • Feedback, data review, changes needed from week to week.
  • Race planning and discussion including post-race reviews.
  • Review, discussion and development of a Yearly Race Planner.
  • Yearly ‘Training Camp’ held at various locations, most often at Bright, road and MTB.
  • Attendance at various races, some with coaching support dependent on the races on athlete calendars.
  • Private Facebook page/discussion group

$225.00 AUD per calendar month. (invoiced at commencement)
I don't do "package 1, 2 and 3", this is the Gold Package.

Ready to start to change?

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What else should you know.

So, You need a Coach?

“You won’t always be YOUR BEST, you won’t always be THE BEST, however, you can always do YOUR BEST. "

Coaching is simply guiding, mentoring and facilitating to allow a person to reach their own true potential.

Providing constant feedback to assist in personal growth and knowledge development. Creating a relationship where Coach and Athlete can openly communicate.

These are the keystones to the coaching philosophy.

jess douglas coach

What you can expect from me

I have a great passion to use my knowledge to assist my athletes in being the best version of themselves.

The relationship part is important. We keep it fun, achievable, often scary but exciting.

Celebrating the success and reflecting upon the experiences that did not go to plan. It’s about respect, communication, growth and being adaptable.

jess douglas coaching 2

What I expect from you

Coaching really is a team effort. It's a two-way game the whole time.

When you come on board as a 1% Club athlete there are certain things that I too expect from you.


Let's get started

If you think we might be a fit, then take the next step and fill in the application form.

Doing what you’ve always done, will give you what you’ve always gotten… let’s start the journey together.

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Coaching Client Testimonials

kim petersen

Kym Petersen

I’ve been coached by Jess for about 14 months now and I have been so impressed. I am a road...

IMG 4495

Renee Romeo

I am someone who has always maintained a decent level of fitness but when I decided to take on...

IMG 0788 3

Olivia Verlaan

Jess coached my body and mind from post-partum all the way through to competing in Tour of Bright. 

IMG 20170312 192514 448

Anthony Elliot

I was coached by Jess over a period of 3 years, throughout that time, with her help I achieved things...


Lewis Ciddor

Jess took me on as a client with the lofty goal of a 15-day finish at the Tour Divide. Before...