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I am someone who has always maintained a decent level of fitness but when I decided to take on to the challenge of Tour de Cure signature tour riding from Sydney to Geelong, I knew I needed a very targeted approach to my training. I would need to ride over 1400km in 9 days, through the snowy mountains and the Victorian high country. 

Due to a wedding and a honeymoon, I only had a solid 3 months of training before the tour. Jess was the perfect answer to keeping me on track and making gains. She was supportive, professional and provided me with a highly developed training program. What I loved about working with Jess was how she explained the program to me. She told me why I was doing what I was and what the benefits would be. The balance I had been able to obtain between work/recovery, focus and confidence meant I was not only physically fit but mentally fit.

Jess helped me celebrate the small wins and ultimately the big win of smashing my goals. Jess is able to draw on an extensive amount of experience which is invaluable for me as an athlete being coached by her. I know that what Jess shares with me is tried and tested and that gives me confidence. So pleased I found Jess and got her on board to coach me.

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Coaching Client Testimonials

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Olivia Verlaan

Jess coached my body and mind from post-partum all the way through to competing in Tour of Bright. 

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