Jess took me on as a client with the lofty goal of a 15-day finish at the Tour Divide. Before reaching out to her I was a strong rider but very raw.


I have a unique set of demands in terms of training as I ride ~50km a day, 5 days a week. Jess was able to factor this into my training and tailor the perfect training regiment to prepare me. Not only did she help sharpen my physical capabilities on the bike, but had a strong focus on off the bike training for a resilient body and also a big focus on mental and logistical preparation to give me the absolute best opportunity to succeed. I rode to a 15 day, 2 hours and 8-minute finish and took the overall win in 2018. It was the 6th fastest time ever recorded in the course. I couldn’t have done it without Jess.

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Coaching Client Testimonials

kim petersen

Kym Petersen

I’ve been coached by Jess for about 14 months now and I have been so impressed. I am a road...

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Renee Romeo

I am someone who has always maintained a decent level of fitness but when I decided to take on...

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Olivia Verlaan

Jess coached my body and mind from post-partum all the way through to competing in Tour of Bright. 

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Anthony Elliot

I was coached by Jess over a period of 3 years, throughout that time, with her help I achieved things...