I’ve been coached by Jess for about 14 months now and I have been so impressed. I am a road cyclist and I first ‘discovered’ Jess when we both raced a Handicap down at Geelong.

kim petersen

When she hit our bunch and blew us to smithereens I thought wow, how’s the strength of this person?

I have never seen such a dominant display and I was equal parts in awe and yet shattered at the same time! Jess the Coach is much the same. But without the dynamite effect! She applies herself fully to her athletes and is totally committed to getting the best outcomes for us all.

Jess manages to fully customise my program for each and every day, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. I value this the most as it allows me to maximise the time on my bike, whilst still working full time and managing young children. In amongst this though, is her ability to listen when changes are needed.

Jess will happily spend time with her athletes via phone, SMS, messaging, whatever is needed to keep the communication lines open. This is paramount in keeping in tune with the athlete as a whole, not just the output from the training program. The key to a great coach is looking at the whole picture and Jess’s approach most certainly ticks this box.

Under Jess’s coaching, I have become a smarter cyclist. Along with that are strength gains, better racecraft and the ability to mix it up during a race. Also proper fuelling strategies, strength and conditioning off the bike and just how to take time out to enjoy ‘life.’

I can’t recommend Jess highly enough. She is relatable having raced for so many years herself and she is engaging as a person.

Enough said. I think you get the picture.

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